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Orchestra Turns to IntuiLab and IntuiFace to Deploy Multi-Touch Endless Aisle and POS Experience for

Orchestra Turns to IntuiLab and IntuiFace to Deploy Multi-Touch Endless Aisle and POS Experience for

Orchestra is a French retailer operating 780 locations in 50 different countries. It caters to parents of children aged 0 – 14 and specializes in products ranging from infant & children’s clothing to bedroom décor, maternity wear and general childcare.

As commonly experienced across retailers, Orchestra’s customers would occasionally search for outfits in-store and fail to find the correct size, style or color. In Orchestra’s case, the customer was directed to inform an available sales representative who would record the request and later call the customer when a shipment of the desired item had arrived. This process resulted in a high level of lost sales since many customers would leave the store empty handed and shop elsewhere for the item.

To solve this issue while also offering a value-added service to the store’s Club Orchestra members, Orchestra chose to work with IntuiLab and their IntuiFace interactive experience creation platform to build a multi-touch application now deployed in 4 stores in France and planned for a future rollout to all locations in the country.

This kiosk-based application – whose interactive front-end is built entirely upon the IntuiFace platform - serves two purposes. The first allows customers to scan product barcodes, pulling up detailed product information and options (color, size, style), enabling requests for in-store delivery of items not currently in stock. The second permits customers to discover Orchestra product collections and special offers as well as to place orders, creating an “endless aisle” experience. The app is equipped with a recommendation engine for similar or complimentary items and with a selected items search history panel for customers to look back upon earlier viewed items.

Ochestra experience powered by Intuiface

By using IntuiFace, Orchestra has guaranteed application scalability and reliability regardless of the size of the deployment. In addition, they retain full control over all aspects of the experience: Orchestra has the freedom to modify the digital experience any way they wish, whenever they wish. And in relation to the kiosk set-up, Orchestra was able to select any size, make and model enclosure and touchscreen as IntuiFace is hardware-independent. In this case, the kiosk enclosure was designed by PolyPixel and uses an interactive screen supplied by an IntuiLab Partner, Elo Touch Solutions.

Mother interacting with an Intuiface experience in-store.

For this particular project, Orchestra wanted the flexibility of IntuiFace but preferred to have IntuiLab manage both creation of the experience and integration with Orchestra’s own e-commerce back-end. However, because IntuiFace is an out-of-the-box experience creation platform, other retailers - with the assistance of their own IT department and/or with their existing system integrators - could create a similar experience for their stores using IntuiFace without requiring IntuiLab’s help. And because IntuiFace doesn’t impose template constraints, each retailer can imagine and create a fully branded, unique experience unlike any other.

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