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What the no-code movement has missed: A free ebook

This is a Guest Blog Post by
The Intuiface Team

We dive into the no-code movement to understand its dynamics and why it has overlooked in-venue digital content. This is about to change and Intuiface is at the forefront.

No-code technology is everywhere. More than 65% of app development in 2024 will be performed using a no-code platform. That's business and creative professionals with zero software development experience, creating software applications for personal, company-wide, and customer use. The "citizen developer" is now empowered to - for example - create web and mobile apps rivaling the best of custom coding. It's a market so explosive and pervasive that its estimated size in 2021 was $13.8B, growing 23% annually.

As big as it is, the no-code movement has a blind spot: in-venue digital communication. In this world of digital signage, information kiosks, retail self-service, curated exhibits, and more ‚Äď broadly known as "in-venue digital audience engagement" - custom software development remains the dominant approach. That's an $8B software market encompassing the entirety of screens beyond personal devices (phones, tablets, etc.), PCs, and home TV, reliant solely on professional developers and inflexible content creation offerings.

Unique characteristics of the in-venue app market - such as support for touch alternatives like computer vision and sensors, hyper-local context dependence, and resilience in network-poor environments - exclude existing no-code solutions and exceed the ability of traditional digital signage platforms to deliver.

This ebook dives into the no-code movement, exposes its in-venue blindspot, and details how Intuiface uniquely fills the gap as the only true no-code solution for place-based digital content.

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