Multimedia Presentation Software

Intuiface is the industry's #1 multimedia presentation software, making multi-touch, gesture and tag-driven environments accessible to any business, regardless of skill set.
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Interactive Multimedia Presentation Software

Create dynamic, data-driven, interactive multimedia presentations on virtually any device - without coding. Get started today creating professional presentations with our interactive multimedia presentation software.

Create using Intuiface Composer on Windows.

Deploy and Run using Intuiface Player on any Multimedia Device.

Multimedia Professional Presentation Software

Multimedia Professional Presentation Software

Multimedia Presentation Software
Take Advantage of Extensive Multimedia Content Support
Images, and locally saved videos of virtually any formats are the basics. Also include many more content types - 3D models, HTML iFrames and embeds, maps, Flash animation and audio for voice over and sound effects. Enhance your experience with professional presentation software by displaying live streaming video via any Web-based video protocol like YouTube.
Interactive Multimedia Presentation Software Organizes Content
Organize Your Multimedia Content into Collections
Through the use of “collections” you can display multiple, related items in a single, interactive context. Enable your users to browse a library of images, documents, websites, videos and more using tap or drag-and-drop to pop out copies for independent manipulation. Or include image buttons to turn your collection into an advanced navigational tool.
Interactive Multimedia Presentation Software
Control Your Multimedia Presentation Experience Remotely
Exclusively for interactive experiences running on Windows, use our no-cost HTML5-based remote control, the IntuiPad, on any iOS or Android device to - well - remotely control running multimedia presentatuin experiences. With this remote control, project your experiences and play your multimedia content on a large, possibly non-interactive display from the back of the audience.
Multimedia Presentation Software Without Problems
Don’t Worry About the Display Specs
Whether your target is a simple two display extended desktop or a huge 9+ display video wall, Intuiface enables you to deploy natural, dynamic and interactive multimedia presentation without having to make any hardware concessions. Intuiface is hardware agnostic, meaning your experience is good to go as long as the screen is plug-and-play with any Windows PC.
Interactive Multimedia Presentation Software No Coding
No Code Professional Multimedia Presentation Software
Coding shouldn’t be your job. With Intuiface professional multimedia presentation software, your multimedia content is automatically responsive - without coding - to a collection of gestures including common touch screen gestures such as tap, swipe, and pinch. Intuiface also includes a host of tools to speed and fine tune your design efforts - Snap-to alignment, dynamic guides, “smart” panels, keyboard shortcuts, configurable editor layouts and much more.
Multimedia Presentation Software Analytics
Read Your Audience’s Mind with Deep Analytics
Log automatically every interaction made on your multimedia presentation - scenes visited, video played, average dwell time per scene, etc. Then visualize the data in charts and dashboards the way you want to communicate your KPI. Export and download in various file formats (image, PDF, Excel) for offline analysis and sharing.

See it in action

Watch these videos of interactive multimedia presentations made with Intuiface.
Multi-user Interactive Table
Multi-user Interactive Table
Multi-display Video Wall
Multi-display Video Wall
Multiple display experience for Real Estate
Multiple display experience for Real Estate

Learn from pre-built samples

Watch and learn to build an interactive multimedia presentation with Intuiface.
Success Story: Capgemini

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The Future of Interactivity for Multimedia Presentations Is Here. Be Part Of It.

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