Manage every detail of your experiences, their deployment,
and the Players they run on - all without leaving your desk.

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Share & Deploy Console: The Link to the Outside

Cloud-hosted experience and Player management, accessible from within any browser. Control experience meta-data, schedule deployments, monitor devices, and generally keep track of everything outside Composer.

Intuiface Share & Deploy Console

PUBLISH experiences to the cloud

Whether sharing an experience with a colleague/client or deploying it to devices in the field, your first step after content creation is to publish your experiences to the cloud. Initiated from within Composer, publishing uploads a copy of your experience to your own AWS S3 bucket or to our free Intuiface Cloud solution, also based on AWS. (With Intuiface Cloud, we’ll assign you to a geographically-local AWS server to ensure fast upload and download speeds.). Published experiences can be accessed from any web browser in the same tool you use to keep track of all Players in the field.

MANAGE experience and Player properties

No code approach
Published experiences and licensed, internet-accessible Players are listed online in filterable, sortable collections. For experiences, enter unique descriptions and leverage properties such as account ownership and experience name to sort and filter. For Players, enter tags (useful for creating location and context-dependent content), define launch preferences, toggle online/offline status notifications, and access Analytics data points. A live screenshot of each Player's display is presented and updated every 30 seconds.

SHARE experiences with colleagues and clients

Each published experience supports two sharing models, both configurable online. First, Intuiface accounts can be assigned Read or Write access for an experience, enabling them to either download a copy (Read) or edit the master experience (Write). Second, experiences can be assigned a unique URL which, when entered in a browser, automates Player download, installation, and licensing, followed by experience download and execution - perfect for audiences with zero knowledge of Intuiface. (NOTE: Player Next Gen supports experience publishing to the web, which can be used as an alternate sharing model.)

DEPLOY experiences anywhere in the world

No code approach
Create a list of Players based on tags or other filterable criteria, assign an experience, optionally define a schedule, and then initiate deployment - all from within a web browser. Players can run on any of Player’s eight supported operating systems (Windows, iPadOS, Android, BrightSign, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, Chrome OS, Raspberry Pi OS). Alternatively, generate a Progressive Web App-enabled version of your experience and post it to the web with one or more unique, customizable URLs.

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