Best Digital Signage Software For TV

Rapidly Create Deeply Interactive Presentations For On-Air Use Without Writing Code

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Use Interactivity To Enhance Your Storytelling And Engage Your Audience

Television is a highly competitive world in which multiple alternatives compete for the same audience. One way to differentiate is to lead in the adoption of technology that enhances the on-air experience. Interactive experiences - from large format video walls to table-mounted displays - present a host of options for telling a story in ways that are meaningful and memorable. You've got two problems. First, costs seem prohibitive. Second, you're on the clock. You need something that permits rapid turnaround when news breaks. Intuiface is the solution for those seeking the best digital signage software for TV.

intuiface for television

Intuiface is the world's premier platform for creating cutting edge, deeply interactive presentations
your producers will master in a snap and your TV audience won't forget.

Best Digital Signage Software For TV
Best Digital Signage Software For TV

Highly functional applications for your television audience

Build gorgeous, highly functional presentations and interact with them using mobile devices and multi-touch displays of any size or orientation. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive presentations that will thrill your audience. Plus, since Intuiface uses HTML5 under the hood, it's future proof!

Take a no-code approach

TV display software without ever writing a line of code. It's your design, storyboard and layout populated entirely with your own media. Control every pixel using your images, videos, documents, 3D models, websites and more. Optionally incorporate content in real-time - so it's always up-to-the minute -and build your own templates so you can speed turnaround time.
Best Digital Signage Software For TV
tv signage software

How to use TV signage software?

So when should you use it? Consider first that it doesn't have to be hosted. Use Intuiface as TV signage software, running static content in the background, either simply for ambiance or to supplement the current topic either aesthetically or with relevant content. But Intuiface is not just digital signage software for TV. Producers can quickly create interactive content for on-air talent to incorporate in their coverage. Cycle through images, draw on the screen, play videos, manipulate maps. All of this is possible and not one line of code needs to be written. Even breaking news can accommodated on the fly and incorporated on-set for sharing with your audience. We're convinced Intuiface will exceed your expectations.
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Create using Intuiface Composer Software on Windows,
Deploy and Run using Intuiface Player on any multi-touch display

TV Signage Software

Features You'll Love

deep interactibity
Deep Interactivity
Use natural multi-touch gestures with zero learning curve to present your content on-air
rapid creation & deployment
Rapid Creation & Deployment
Easily create new presentations and deploy them with a single mouse click for faster time-to-air.
live video stream
Extensive Video Support
Use virtually any static video format plus live-stream Internet-mediated video. Have custom needs? Tell us.
mobile remote control
Manage Content in the Cloud
Our web-hosted Headless CMS enables anyone to enter and control content appearing on-screen.
on screen annotation
Annotate On-Screen
Highlight key points, take notes using your finger or a touch-ready pen. Change pen color and width on the fly.
liva data feed
Live Data Feeds
Display social media feeds, weather info or connect to any third-party Web API to show relevant information in real-time.
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When we saw Intuiface we saw possibilities. Now “let’s do an Intuiface”
is heard on a daily basis. Simple design, powerful looks, simple
operation. Using spreadsheets has made making templates a breeze.
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See It In Action

Watch these videos of Intuiface-based storytelling for television in action.
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Learn from Pre-built Samples

Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of pre-built samples and templates.
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The Future Of Interactivity For Television Is Here. Be Part Of It.

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