Digital Interactivity in the Time
of COVID-19

Ten years as digital interactivity experts have prepared us for this unfortunate moment. Here is what we've done and had to say in response.

The Coexistence of Digital Interaction with Social Distancing

Today's physical spaces - stores, museums, workplaces, and more - are heavily populated with digital content intended to entice, educate, and empower the public. This same public now shares a traumatic experience thanks to the Coronavirus, leaving them with great concern about health and cleanliness outside the home. What is the right approach companies and their vendors should adopt for digital interactivity. What are the lessons to be learned and the steps to be taken with digital interaction?

Insight in Real Time - Interactive Digital Content

Our latest guidance for touch-first and touch-alternative deployments.
NOTE: Touch-first interactive digital content isn't going anywhere. But you do need to anticipate certain requirements....
Digital Interactivity
Touchscreen Guidance For A (Post) Confinement World
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Digital Interactivity During Coronavirus
Coronavirus and Interactive Signage: What's the Right Move?
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Digital Interactivity With Touchscreens
Despite COVID-19, touchscreens aren't going anywhere
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Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks in a Health-Aware World

Download our white paper for an in-depth look at how attitudes towards touch and interactive digital touchscreen kiosks may - or may not - be changing and how to approach human-machine interactivity in a world forever changed by the pandemic.
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Digital Interactivity & Engagement - Going Beyond Touch

Moving forward, it will be important to give the public a choice. because not everyone will be comfortable touching a screen. With Intuiface, you have access to a world of touch alternatives, all without requiring you to write code. Digital engagement approaches can be used in parallel with touch, resulting in multi-mode deployments your audience will appreciate.
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Intuiface Reference Designs

For agencies and integrators: We've created these ready-to-use frameworks and guidance for tackling some of the most popular digital interactivity scenarios in the era of COVID-19. Consider them complete solutions we expect you to personalize and customize for your own clients. They're bootstraps for critical design challenges
Digital Interactivity Entrance Flow Management
Entrance Flow Management
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Digital Interactivity Multi-Mode Experience
Multi-Mode Experience
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Our Commitment During the COVID-19 Pandemic

With mandatory office closures and greatly distributed teams, it can be hard for a company to maintain business continuity without interruption. At Intuiface, we are committed to delivering a superior level of care and service regardless of circumstances on the ground. We encourage you to read about our business continuity commitment.
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