Multi-Mode Experience

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An example of how touch and touch alternatives can be combined in a single experience, enabling users to accomplish the same goal using the approach of their choice.

Passers-by are alerted to the kiosk’s presence with a message to approach. Upon approaching, the shopper is informed that by specifying the night’s key protein or protein alternative, a few drink suggestions – both alcoholic and non-alcoholic – will be suggested. The shopper is also informed that one of three meal selection options are available: touch, speech, and through the use of their mobile phone. Touch is selected by tapping the screen, and the user is then instructed to touch their night’s meal from a list. If speech is preferred, the user states aloud their intention to speak and then vocally names the number of the item associated with their meal. If remote control using a personal mobile device is preferred, the shopper scans an onscreen QR code which opens a simple webpage enabling the selection of a meal option. Whatever the choice, one or more drinks among five are highlighted using LED light strips. The shopper can then start over, or he/she can walk away.

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The goal of this experience is to illustrate how both touch and touch alternatives can be easily incorporated into an Intuiface experience.This particular reference design includes, as a complement to touch:

Be sure to refer to the Help Center article for details about how it all came together.

Workflow Diagram