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Intuiface museum interactive kiosk software is the world's premier platform for museums who wish to create modern,
engaging, memorable multi-touch exhibits using their existing digitized content and in-house creative personnel

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Why Use Intuiface as Your Interactive Museum Exhibit Software Solution?

Bring your exhibits to life with our museum exhibit software. Create engaging interactive museum displays for visitors to engage in.
in-house work
Avoid the hassle, 
keep work in-house
Eliminate your software development costs and say goodbye to outsourcing. Intuiface museum exhibit software really really is easy-to-use. Our software for museums requires no programming skills, you'll be creating exhibits in an hour!. It is backed by a 400+ article library, educational videos, pre-built templates, an active user community and excellent technical support
touchscreen software
Collect data about user preferences in context
Intuiface Analytics gives you the ability to collect and visualize data about user selections and preferences. The result is deep insight into which content is most effective, which locations are the most active, and which exhibits are the most popular. Use this insight to make informed improvements on a regular basis.
minmal cost
Tackle multiple projects with minimal cost
Because Intuiface brings speed, predictability, and quality to project delivery, tackle far more projects than you imagined. Temporary and permanent exhibits, digital signage, information museum kiosks - and you only pay license fees. Your costs are predictable while your options for creativity are endless.

Spark New Life in Your Exhibits with Museum Software

Museum Touch Screen Software
Display all your content
Tell your story using the content of your choice, including your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models and more stored locally or in digitized API-accessible archives. With our drag-and-drop editor, it takes seconds.
Museum Software
Interactivity and touch
Intuiface’s museum kiosk software works with any touch-ready hardware, including Windows PCs, iPads and Android devices. Create puzzles, quizzes, even interactive games to educate and engage your visitors.
Museum Software
A visit to remember
Incorporate webcams, social media and more to build unforgettable, personalized experiences for your customers. Give them a reason to visit, to return and to tell their friends.
Interactive Museum Displays
Contextual intelligence
Interact with your audience using voice, or gesture and external input devices like RFID/NFC tag readers, sensors, and connected objects among the Internet of Things. Intuiface is cutting edge so you can be too.
The use of IntuiFace on multiple screens in our Lost Creatures: Stories from Ancient Queensland exhibition has given our audience fun, new ways to explore much richer information than could ever fit on traditional exhibition graphics. It has deepened our connection with our visitors and opened up exciting possibilities for future exhibitions.
Lost Creatures Team
Initially I was very skeptical that Intuiface would be as easy to use as it was touted to be.  I was very much wrong.  Using Intuiface, we built our very first interactive as a data-driven application in approximately 2 weeks. It's held up to the constant use without fail.   Calling this first attempt a success is a gross understatement.  We are looking forward to designing our next application and plan to use Intuiface for building it and about 5 more interactives with a year's time.
Rich Bradway - Director of Digital Learning & Engagment
IntuiFace is the best user software I have ever come across - intuitive, powerful, easy to use. We have big plans for it.
Angus Carroll- Curator of Embedded Exhibitions
In the ever changing museum presentation field, IntuiFace has helped us to create interactive touchscreen exhibit experiences that engage both young and old alike. Our visitors have found our interactives to not only be engaging but also stimulating and informative. It has made our job of educating and informing our museum visitors much easier and much more fun.
Brandon Mares
Technical Liaison- Royal Gorge Regional Museum & History Center
Intuiface is FANTASTIC!!! Thank you so much for having the product and the staff you have available. Your staff, website and online documentation are all stunning and a total credit to your company. Every person and instance of communication has been fantastic. The webinars are brilliant. :-)

Sandra Hugues
Library Manager - Wairoa Public Library
IntuiFace has been quite a boon for us in many ways. Not only does it save us money over using an outside developer, but it allows us much more flexibility in prototyping and is simple to maintain and update.
EMP Museum
Project Lead, Senior Interactive Design

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