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What if we could all – regardless of our skills –
become creators of interactive experiences?

We Believe

Interactivity Is Everywhere

Touch, gesture, voice, VR, sensors, Internet of Things: We want to unleash people's creativity in a digital world increasingly experienced through all of our senses.
Interactive Experiences

Everyone should have the power to create interactive experiences

To make the most of interactivity, we need tools that democratize access to
it — tools that empower creative people to effortlessly, without coding, make engaging digital experiences for ALL. This includes both design inspiration and access to content using methods typically reserved for developers.

Software should give you that power to create

You don’t want simplistic look-alike templates and have no time to learn code. Software should empower you to become a Maker and create whatever you like or dream. Plus it should be fun!
powerful Software
transparent company

Companies should engage with you in an open, transparent and personalized way

We aim at making your journey with us a breeze. You shouldn’t ask permission to try a product. You shouldn't have to deal with sales people or struggle with minimal support. Pricing should be public and simple to understand. Purchasing should be frictionless, nobody should get in your way and - heck - it should even be easy to get a refund. Our job is to keep you happy, creative and productive!

Intuiface enables any organization to create and deliver – in record time -
gratifying, purposeful, data-driven digital experiences that connect people to place,
powered by the latest interactive technologies..

Who We Are

Since that time, and at the lightning speed of four major releases per year, Intuiface has become the leading, globally recognized solution for creating gratifying, meaningful and measurable interactive experiences without writing code. 

- International Headquarters: Regent Park II, Bat. 2, - 2460 Rue l'Occitane Labège, France 31670

- US Headquarters: 211 West Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL 60606, USA

- South East / East Asia Headquarters: Taipei