Design For Accessibility:
Better Design For All

Transform your digital experiences into a new kind of great: great for everybody, regardless of ability.

Design For Accessibility

Make Digital Accessibility An Interactive Experience

All people. Digital accessibility isn’t a boring list of standards–it’s a (not so) revolutionary philosophy of inclusion. You’ve probably heard, “The digital world belongs to everybody.” It’s up to all of us to make that happen. An accessible interactive experience is an experience that works for people.

Accessible Digital Content

Intuiface’s accessible digital content creates an interactive experience. Get started creating a positive experience for all.
The features below, a result of our own reflection on accessibility, exist to help you create inclusive experiences.


On-the-fly conversion of both static and dynamic text into speech for the visually impaired. Designers can configure both the voice and the speed, using any language available on the target device, ensuring proper clarity and intonation.
Design For Accessibility With Text To Speech

Speech Recognition

Capture the spoken word and use it to trigger any of Intuiface's over 200 actions or store the resulting text for future use. Enable hands-free interaction with your experiences.
Design For Accessibility Speech Recognition

Keyboard Events

Use a keyboard to represent touch events such as navigation and item selection. Configure any action – turn page, play video, maximize image, etc. - to be triggered when a predefined key or key combination is detected. Combined with text-to-speech and a Braille keyboard, touch experiences become accessible for the physically and visually impaired.
Digital Accessibility Keyboard Events

Gestures on Assets

Capture large, gross motor gestures for every individual item in a running experience. For example, create an on-screen trackpad for navigation. Or trigger text-to-speech without requiring perfect touch precision.
Design For Accessibility Asset Collection Gestures
By designing with the disabled in mind, we can create products that are better for everyone else.
August de los Reyes, Microsoft - Source

Other Accessibility Tips

Easy accessibility tips to make your content accessible to people with disabilities.
color contrast
Use strong color contrast
Be especially careful with light shades of gray, orange and yellow.
caption video
Caption Video
Use YouTube's subtitle option as an easy alternative.
big buttons
Make big buttons
Big buttons are easy to see and bigger targets for users with motor delays.
large fonts
Use large fonts
Make sure your text is big enough so most users can read it properly.
Accessible Interactors
Make sure interactors (like buttons) are physically accessible. Not too high!
Don't rely on color
Many of your users are located across a spectrum of color blindness.
Use animation & video carefully
Avoid excessive flashing or strobing content that can cause seizures.
interactive elements
Ensure interactive elements are well identified
Provide distinct styles for interactive elements.
Provide controls for content that starts automatically
Provide visible controls for starting & stopping animation, videos, sound.

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