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Innovative, cloud-based content management system built for teams, not for screens.

Headless CMS Cloud Hosted Repository

What is Intuiface Headless CMS?

What do we mean by Headless CMS? Our Headless CMS is a cloud-hosted repository enabling content managers to define, store, and manage the media and information consumed by Intuiface deployments anywhere in the world. By "headless" we mean the data structure is independent of any particular user interface. In fact, the same content "base" can be applied to multiple, visually distinct deployments, enabling Content Managers to just focus on their data.
What Is A Headless CMS

Why is a headless content management system
better than a traditional Digital Signage CMS

Content managers love structured data, data that reflects project objectives, messages, audiences. Unfortunately, the structure of a traditional digital signage CMS is determined by the visual layout, restricting what data can be used and how it is organized. Our Headless CMS is all about the data and makes it possible to store far more complex data sets than previously thought possible. Users can add and manage content before a UI even exists!


Let data lead the way. Build the schema you need and reuse it across multiple designs. From text to images, videos, documents, and more, you control every aspect of your data feed - and zero knowledge of the targeted UI is required.
Easily create well-structured content with custom fields
Free yourself from inflexible templates or UI-dependent data structures. Capture data relationships for both stand-alone constructs like store location and contact information, as well as for lists like product SKUs, menu items, or event sessions.
Headless CMS Cloud Hosted Repository
Use Variants to control your data feed with context
Variants are an innovation that supercharges your control of variation based on factors like location or language. Rather than repetitively create unique data elements for each possible outcome, Variants enable you to specify which factors will change and which will stay the same. This novel approach greatly simplifies data entry and management, plus it's more intuitive to deploy.
Headless CMS Cloud Hosted Repository


Hosted in the cloud, your Headless CMS base can be accessed from anywhere and by any experience.
CMS Cloud Hosted Repository
Create connections to any experience UI
Since the Headless CMS is all about the data, your Design team has total freedom when creating the target user interface. In fact, multiple experiences with different UIs can all use the same base, and experiences can be created before the data is even ready.
Headless CMS Cloud Hosted Repository
Control and test content before deployment
A formalized workflow enables you to control when new content is published and to roll back unwanted changes. Plus you can easily create test bases and then switch to a production base with just a couple of clicks.


Control stakeholder access and spare these contributors from the need to build Intuiface know-how.
Manage base access and usage rights
You choose who has access to each base and the level of editing control in their hands. Differentiate between Content Managers, Reviewers, and Administrators.
Headless CMS Cloud Hosted Repository
Access from anywhere
As a cloud-based CMS, the Headless CMS can be accessed by even the most widely distributed team, ensuring updates can be made from anywhere at any time.
Cloud-Based CMS

On-Device Content Caching

Ensure resiliency and maximize performance in the face of unreliable or infrequent network connections.
cache content
Locally cached content
An automatically created local copy of each cloud-hosted base is  synchronized whenever there are changes, eliminating vulnerability to unreliable or infrequent network connections.
Maximized experience performance
Through use of the local copy, experience performance is not constrained by network bandwidth. It's maximum performance for even the most data-heavy deployments.
Use Variants and Filters
The locally-hosted data feed can still be controlled through the use of variants and filters. It is a living base that can facilitate real-time interaction with context and audience needs.

What Our Users Had To Say

Paul Venter
Once you get used to the UI (which does not take long at all) I found it easier that even working with Excel - nice job!
Jessy Lelievre
Saga Impressions Digitales
I really like this "database" approach. I have a lot of ideas for the future!
Louie Smith
I have managed to have a play around with the HCMS beta it has caching which is great! Keep up the good work!

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