Intuiface Trust Center

We make every effort to deliver the most secure, reliable, and transparent platform on the market.

How do we fulfill our commitment to you? See below.


ISO 27001 Certification

Intuiface is the only Digital Signage software on the market to be ISO 27001 certified. This means every facet of our infrastructure and how we work is optimized to secure, protect, and deliver your data according to the strictest standards.
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Intuiface Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure Guidelines

Detailed documentation enabling any IT organization to understand and plan for the use of Intuiface. Includes network and domain requirements, a cloud-service breakdown, and a review of data storage and password management.
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ISO infographic

Real-Time Cloud Status Monitoring

We publish a real-time status page for all Intuiface-provided, cloud-hosted services and enable you to subscribe for alert notification. You will always know when a service is down and the progress we are making to correct the outage.
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ISO infographic

Webinar: How Information Security is Changing Digital Signage

This webinar will introduce the world of information security, review recognized certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC2, and provide guidance for how best to start a journey to certification.
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Understanding Information Security

We've created an infographic for newcomers to information security and ISO 27001. See why data confidentiality, integrity, and availability should be a commitment fulfilled by every third-party solution you adopt.
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secure payment stripe

Secure Payments

All Intuiface license purchases are processed by Stripe, rated PCI Service Provider Level 1, the highest grade of payment processing security in the industry. Intuiface has no visibility to credit card numbers or billing addresses.
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secure payment stripe

Intuiface VDP
Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Intuiface welcomes feedback from security researchers and the general public to help improve our security. If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability, privacy issue, exposed data, or other security issues, we want to hear from you.
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covid measures

Business Continuity Measures

Regardless of the circumstances, Intuiface is committed to maintaining high levels of service, fulfilling compliance obligations, and securing your data. We have documented our approach.
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