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Infographic: Benefits of an ISO 27001 Certified Digital Experience Platform

ISO 27001 Certified Digital Experience Platform
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Chloe Canella

Creating digital signage or other OOH digital interactive content? Here's a cool infographic showing you why the platform you choose should be ISO 27001 certified.

ISO 27001 benefits

In today's ever-evolving digital landscape, data security has become a paramount concern for enterprises worldwide. That's why ISO 27001 certification holds such immense value. This globally recognized standard for information security management ensures the utmost confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data. It sets a high bar for organizations looking to safeguard their valuable information, especially when it comes to deploying digital signage solutions.

By achieving ISO 27001 certification, companies like Intuiface demonstrate their commitment to protecting data and privacy, gaining the trust of security-conscious businesses. In fact, being among the first digital signage companies to earn this esteemed certification showcases Intuiface's deep dedication to staying ahead of the curve.

Compliance with ISO 27001 is gradually becoming a necessity for integrators and digital signage providers who strive to offer their services to security-aware enterprises. It brings peace of mind to businesses, assuring them that their data is in safe hands. With ISO 27001 certification, organizations can rest assured that they are implementing a modern and reliable approach to data security. They are embracing innovation while safeguarding their most valuable asset: information.

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Chloe Canella
Chloe Canella

As the Head of Digital Marketing at Intuiface, Chloe Canella is committed to helping you reach your goals with Intuiface.

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