Chapter 1


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Chapter 1
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With Intuiface


This eBook is for any creative agency or systems integrator exploring the adoption of Intuiface as a means for producing interactive digital content for their clients. From here on out, we'll refer to you as - you.

Why a book, you ask? (Yes, this will be a two-way conversation.) Good question. The road should be simple:

  • Step One: Find Intuiface
  • Step Two: Use Intuiface
  • Step Three: Profit

(Hat tip to the Underpants Gnomes of Southpark©.)

Regrettably, although we wish it to be that easy, the reality is Intuiface is a means to an end. The best, unparalleled, borderline critical means, but still a means. The end is about your clients and what Intuiface enables you to do for them. Here's how we express what we think should be your ultimate goal:

Reinventing digital engagement for physical spaces

It's not just about building stuff for touch screens, it's about finding novel, innovative, and personalized means for connecting people to place, out in the real world - in venues, on their phones, or on their PCs - in a way that effectively fulfills your clients' business goals. To do this we believe you'll have to think about your business model in addition to the software you'll use.

The good news is that your software search is over. Use Intuiface.

Why Intuiface? Why now?

You’ve seen it. The cost of touch display hardware is way down. Phones and tablets are in every pocket and purse. Beacon technology, real-time data integration, the Internet of Things…. Interactivity is everywhere and your clients/prospects are either asking for it or will thank you for the suggestion.

The fact is, the ability to deliver interactive digital content is a must have for an agency or integrator. Whether you throw bodies or tools at it, you need to have an answer or you’ll be left behind.

Digital engagement with a touchscreen software

We believe Intuiface is the great enabler for any agency or integrator who doesn’t have the scale or skill to pursue interactive-centric projects. It enables you to create and deliver – in record time - gratifying, purposeful, data-driven digital experiences that connect people to place, powered by the latest interactive technologies.

  • What can you create?
    Interactive digital signage, information kiosks, sales tools, cultural/artistic exhibits, retail installations, trade show displays - and anything else with an audience and a message.
  • What do we mean by "interactive"?
    Touch, gestures, RFID/NFC, connected objects, voice, computer vision, Web APIs - and much more. (Check out this list of 12+ interaction options supported by Intuiface.)
    (Psst. You can also use Intuiface to create non-interactive content. It's a one stop shop. More about this later.)
  • How easy is it?
    No coding skills are required to create experiences nor to run the resulting work in-venue on any of our supported platforms: Windows, iOS on the iPad, Android, BrightSign, Chrome, Tizen on the Samsung SMART Signage Platform, and webOS on LG smart displays. Plus you have the ability to deploy experiences to a webpage or as an app on personal mobile devices.

Can you build a profitable interactive content creation and delivery business with Intuiface? Absolutely, and that’s what the rest of this guide is about.

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