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Chapter 1


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Chapter 1
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With IntuIFace


You’ve seen it. The cost of touch display hardware is way down. Phones and tablets are in every pocket and purse. Beacon technology, speech recognition, the Internet of Things…. Interactivity is everywhere and your clients/prospects are either asking for it or will thank you for the suggestion.

The fact is, the ability to deliver interactive digital content is a must have for an agency. Whether you throw bodies or tools at it, you need to have an answer or you’ll be left behind.

We believe Intuiface is the great equalizer. For any agency that doesn’t have the skills or the scale to deliver interactive-centric projects, Intuiface is the answer. It belongs in your toolbelt next to Photoshop and your other of-course-you-use-it tools.

What can you create? Deliver interactive digital signage, information kiosks, sales tools, cultural/artistic exhibits, retail installations, trade show displays and more.

(Psst. You can also use Intuiface to create non-interactive signage. It’s a one stop shop. More about that later.)

How easy is it? No coding skills are required to create experiences nor to run the resulting work on any of the supported platforms: Windows, iOS on the iPad, Android, Chrome, Tizen on the Samsung SMART Signage Platform

Can you build a profitable business with Intuiface? Absolutely, and that’s what the rest of this guide is about.

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