Chapter 2

Market Opportunities

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Chapter 2
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With Intuiface

Market Opportunities

If you like numbers, here’s some numbers:
  • The new “touch-educated” demographic: 2.5B touch-enabled smartphones users worldwide.
    THE LESSON: The public is so used to touch that they expect every public screen to be interactive.
  • The global digital signage display market generated $6 billion in revenue in 2016 and is forecast to hit $13.7 billion by 2021, an 18.2% CAGR. (source)
    THE LESSON: Companies are buying the hardware. How are they building the content that is run on those devices?
  • Alibaba lists 600+ suppliers from Shenzhen who are flooding the market with 22K+ SKUs of Android-based kiosks at sub-$1000 price.
    THE LESSON: Commoditization is underway and with it a drop in price Hardware is no longer limited to well funded large enterprises. Who are they going to hire to build content?
  • The global digital signage services market generated $1.6 billion in revenue in 2016 and is forecast to hit $2.1 billion by 2021, a 6% CAGR. (source)
    THE LESSON: Companies are paying for help. How can you get a piece of this?
And be honest, you knew the following:
  • Interactive digital content is independent of vertical. Everyone wants it, regardless of the business they’re in.
  • Interactive digital content is global. Everyone wants it, regardless of geography.
  • Interactive digital content is inevitable. The need for traditional broadcast (non-interactive) signage will never go away but, as with all commoditized industries, it’s time to evolve. Content creators want modern platforms leveraging the latest in technology.
The opportunity is EVERYWHERE

Remember, "interactivity" isn't just about touch. Any human-machine or machine-machine interaction counts. Sensors, RFID/NFC, voice, Web APIs and Web triggers, connected objects - heck, even a keyboard. If you broaden the scope of your imagination to embrace any possible way for a person to interact with content, and for your content to interact with back office and cloud-hosted systems, the number of uses and potential clients are limitless.

Corporate sales, marketing, and training. Retail. Education. Museums and libraries. Real estate. Manufacturing. Television. What industry can you think of? Yes! They could use it as well.

Line chart showing any industry find opportunities with Intuiface

Hardware has become a commodity. Prices are in free fall. Everyone can afford it. What businesses don’t realize is they can afford interactivity too. It’s not just a luxury for large enterprises. Why? Because with Intuiface you, their partner, can provide an affordable service that delivers cutting edge content.

Don't forget your existing traditional signage prospects and clients

To make a perhaps not-so-obvious point, if you’re already taking on traditional, broadcast (non-interactive) signage projects, you’ve got a built-in audience for interactivity.

You've got a couple of options. The first is to embed Intuiface-based content within an existing signage network. Made possible by Intuiface's support for web-deployed experiences, this approach doesn't require you to push out the incumbent signage CMS. Your client can leave their existing installation in place and simply enhance it with interactive content only possible with Intuiface. It's a low-friction approach whose only roadblock is the discussion about having two software solutions for a single network.

Which brings us to your other option. Does it make sense to use two different platforms - one for broadcast signage, Intuiface for interactive content - or would using Intuiface for both broadcast and interactive signage makes more sense? It's an options with some advantages:

  • It is simpler to maintain one code base instead of two
  • It is easier to train in-house teams to use one platform instead of two
  • It is cheaper for the client to be billed for the use of one content creation software option instead of two
  • It is smarter to use the most powerful and flexible option for all signage projects rather than making compromises with a limited, passive-only option.

Coming from the signage world? Read our article about the difference between Intuiface and traditional digital signage platforms. Armed with this info, you'll be prepared to tackle new opportunities with Intuiface - and maybe even migrate some existing clients.

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