Chapter 9

Go-to-Market for an Intuiface-based Business

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Chapter 9
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With Intuiface

Go-to-Market for an Intuiface-based Business

Here’s some good news: your local market is flooded with potential clients who aren’t currently looking for interactive content.

Wait! That’s good news? Sure because it means there’s an enormous, untapped opportunity. The challenge is you’re going to have to grab it.

Here are some best practices you should take to heart:

  • Your website should shout interactivity from the rooftops. You need front page news with images and videos showing people what’s possible. This is because they don’t know what’s possible. Tell them what is achievable and tell them it’s much cheaper than they think. The agency Tosolini Productions is a great example.

Few examples of Intuiface experiences

  • Consider an industry focus. The value of industry focus is taught on Day One of business school but that’s because it’s true. With it you can refine your pitch and develop a highly scalable business with affordable service options because of templates. Create your own Intuiface templates and customize by as much as your client’s budget allows. It’s agile service delivery that scales.

Interactive experience with Intuiface for any industry : museum, sales presentations, real estate, trade shows, education, retail, digital signage, corporate briefing

  • Embrace a prototype-driven pre-sales approach. We’ll say it again – your prospects don’t even know what’s possible. Show them by building content on the fly (yes, live during pre-sales meetings with your client). Run a screenshare and use content from the client’s website that you grabbed during a meeting prep. Then highlight the value your team brings in terms of creativity, ideation, content creation, KPI definition & collection, installation, deployment, and all of the other services you can uniquely offer.

Pre-sales meeting Intuiface-related to bring creativity and build content on the fly by running a screenshare

  • Participate in the Intuiface User Community. You’d be surprised at how many prospects are found among those who find Intuiface first but recognize they don’t have the skill to do anything but wildly swing the Intuiface hammer. They need you!

Interaction between users in the Intuiface Users Community
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