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Chapter 4

Your Choice of Engagement Models

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Chapter 4
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With IntuIFace

Your Choice of Engagement Models

Congrats! You’ve landed a new client. How should you structure the relationship? We see two possible approaches.

Approach #1: Best Kept Secret

Your client has no knowledge that the interactive experience you deliver has "Intuiface inside". You believe it is in your business interest to not disclose how interactive content is created.

Approach #2: Open Door

You inform your client that the interactive experience is Intuiface-based. Further, you encourage your client’s use of Intuiface as a supplement to your own usage.

The first approach is classic. It’s old school. You’re probably doing it today. The advantage – not to put a fine point on it – is that you can lock in the client. Your work is proprietary so there’s no way for the client to move on. They need you.

The second approach is gutsy. It’s foreign. Why take the risk? There are plenty of reasons:
  • Reassure your client that, if anything happens, s/he can get the "source code" of the app and move forward independently,
  • Prove to your client that you won't "lock” her/him into a solution requiring you as a vendor
  • Illustrate to your client that you're using the latest and greatest technology because that's what you value most in your relationship with the client. For example, it's unlikely that an agency would protectively hide their use of Photoshop or Illustrator. (Although, be honest, some of you are even treating the graphics as proprietary!)
  • Provide a clear and distinct differentiating advantage over your competitive who use the traditional Best Kept Secret approach.

Think about it. If your only advantage is Intuiface, if you are providing no value beyond its use, you’ve got far bigger concerns than whether you should take the Open Door approach. Ideation, content creation, execution -> this is where you make a difference.

The Open Door approach is a modern concept predicated on empowering the client. It is competitively differentiating but requires a closer relationship. We expect the "open door" model to become increasingly popular as prospects/clients increasingly seek independence, clarity and confidence in how they do business around content creation.

BUT – the choice is yours.

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