Using the latest web technologies to create the industry's only truly cross-channel content delivery platform

Intuiface Player Next Generation
🚀 Player now uses our Next Gen technology.
Revolutionizing the way we create and deliver interactive digital experiences!
Read about our launch here.

Better, Faster, Stronger

We've used cutting edge web techniques to create the most platform-diverse, highly scalable runtime in the digital signage industry. It streamlines in-venue performance while enabling the same interactive content to run in webpages and as native apps. Its performance is the closest you'll get to native code.

Cross-Channel Content Delivery

Run your experiences in-venue, as websites, or on personal devices - no Player to install. Use these new web/mobile deployment options to promote events, complement on-kiosk content, provide take-home collateral, or equip a mobile sales force with experiences packaged to look and act just like a native app.
Deploy to the Web
Run your Intuiface content as a webpage, or embedded as an iFrame, on both public and private networks
Deploy as a Local App
Run your Intuiface content as a Progressive Web App with support for offine use, no Player install required
New Platform Support
Web and local app deployments introduce support for iOS and Android phones, MacOS PCs, and Linux devices
Major Performance Boost
Achieves native code-like performance on already-supported platforms like Windows, BrightSign, and Samsung Tizen
Highly Scalable
Low resource consumption enables deployment for everything from Raspberry pi to multi-screen display walls
Future Proof
Pure HTML5 codebase ensures platform, feature, and performance evolutions as the market evolves

Native Code-like Performance

See if you can tell which experience took two months to write in native code and which was created - in just two days - using Intuiface.
We're not telling. And believe us, the developers weren't taking their time!

Create once, play everywhere

Traditional digital signage platforms are limited to the venue. The target audience must come to the content.
Not with Intuiface. Create modern, engaging, interactive digital content and make it available wherever your audience may be.
Your Intuiface experiences are not constrained to a physical space.

Embed your Experience in a web page

Run your experiences as a stand-alone webpage or embedded in an iFrame, accessible from virtually everywhere, including mobile phones, Windows and MacOS PCs, and even Linux devices.
Experience in a webpage
Experience as an App

Transform your Experience Into an App

Create Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) that Install like any other native app, with the name and icon you assign it. It's a white label install with support for offline use. Run it on mobile phones, Windows and MacOS PCs, and even Linux devices.

Intuiface Experiences And The Web

100% of Intuiface in a Web Browser or Installed as a Progressive Web App

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Supercharge currently supported platforms

Player also delivers its modern, super scalable benefits to Intuiface's existing set of supported platforms: Windows, iPad/Android devices, BrightSign, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, and Chrome.
supported platforms player next gen

Future-Proof Technology

Latest web technologies
Based on an Angular-web framework, and created with a web-vitals approach, Player is optimized for use both in-browser and as a Progressive Web App on personal mobile devices.
Accelerated performance
Possesses a dynamic modular architecture, with size determined by experience needs, resulting in a fast load time. And a gaming-like computation pipeline guarantees high frame rates.
CDK Support
Easily build Interface Assets using the Angular Component Dev Kit and TypeScript to connect with any local data source, business logic, or peripheral. TypeScript is a typed form of JavaScript.

Outrageous Performance Meets
Sustainable Computing

With its native code-like performance, Intuiface can run on everything from super low-powered
Raspberry pi devices to multi-screen display walls. Choose the platform, form factor, cost, and power
consumption that makes sense for your project and stakeholder ROI.
Lower Power Costs
Lower Cooling Requirements
Lower Environmental Impact