Deploy Your Intuiface Experiences To The Web

Generate a URL in one-click and run your experience seamlessly in any browser.

Access Intuiface experiences in a webpage or as a Progressive Web Application

With Intuiface 7, Intuiface experiences built in Composer can not only be run in-venue, they can also be run as a webpage or installed locally to run as a progressive web app. This means 100% of Intuiface - from multi-touch to cloud integration and analytics - running in any browser on virtually any operating system and on any device, including personal smartphones, tablets, and PCs.

Whether you aim to share your creative work, promote an event, distribute engaging take-aways, or enhance your website, Intuiface Web Deployment provides a powerful, versatile solution to amplify your reach and impact with ease.

Intuiface - and your ideas - can now break free from the physical space.

Embed Intuiface experiences as a webpage

Try it out! Use your finger or a mouse. It's identical to what you'd see running in Player.

iFrame embed code
It's pretty simple to embed an Intuiface experience in an iFrame. There's nothing proprietary about it; you just need the URL for your experience. (Every published experience will have a unique URL.) In the above case, we've limited display to our website domain so if you try the embed code printed below in any other domain, you'll see a warning message. (Try it out!) You'll be able to whitelist preferred domains for your own experiences, ensuring no one can steal and reuse your cool content.
<div style="position: relative; overflow: hidden; width: 100%; padding-top: 56.25%;">  
         <iframe style="position: absolute; top: 0; left: 0; bottom: 0; right: 0; width: 100%; height: 100%;"    

...Or open experiences full screen in a web browser

Intuiface Overview Demo
A self-directed introduction to all products and features of the Intuiface platform.
Open experience full screen➙

... Or run experiences as a stand-alone application

Intuiface experiences can also be run locally as a progressive web app

Clicking the button below will open a fullscreen version of the Microsoft experience.
Once there, you'll be presented with a message asking if you'd like to install the experience locally. Go ahead - try it out! Our experiences are coded to permit installation as stand-alone progressive web apps, meaning they'll show up on your desktop or home screen and act like any other installed application. As a progressive web app, no internet connection is required (unless you've built them that way).
Microsoft @ Hannover Messe
Microsoft's interactive booth guide for visitors at Hannover Messe 2019
Open experience to install locally ➙

Want to see the above experience in Intuiface Composer?

We just wanted to prove to you that what's running above was entirely created with Intuiface Composer. Use your current design skills to create content for the web and local apps.

Examples of when to use Intuiface and the Web

Run Hybrid Events
Run Hybrid Events
Create installations that combine in-venue interactive content with complementary, on-device content. Increases booth appeal and can be attractive to shy passers-by.
Drive Attendance
Drive Attendance
Post a portion of your in-venue experience to the web to raise interest and drive attendance to your venue. Or just do something cool online to generate some buzz.
Create Take-Aways
Give visitors a content goodie bag to take with them. Include information to review, videos to watch, documents to read, recreating the amazing material experienced onsite.

Highlight Features

run in a browser
Run in a Browser
Everything you love about Intuiface, from multi-touch to cloud integration to analytics, running in a webpage on a personal device.
install as a local app
Install as a Local App
Enable select users to take your experiences offline. Works as a "progressive web app" so super easy to install and run.
whitelist domain icon
Whitelist Domains
Prevent outside parties from displaying your web-hosted content. Limit experiences to predefined domains.
fast load time icon
Super Fast Load Times
Intuiface uses Amazon's CloudFront CDN, replicating your experience on 190+ nodes around the world, ensuring rapid download.
configurable local app
Configurable Local App Options
You'll have full control over how app deployments look and operate. Includes icon control and offline timeouts.
multiple supported platforms
Multiple Supported Platforms
We've validated our web-embedded and locally installed apps to run on Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux

Read a detailed breakdown of features and specs

We've put more information in our online Help Center to ensure you're ready for what's coming.