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The message is everything. Control every aspect of your design on a touch screen kiosk, never write code. Intuiface software is for teams of any skill set.
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Interactive Kiosk Software

What if we could all – regardless of our skills - harness cutting edge interactive kiosk software digital technologies to create new digital interactive experiences for kiosks and other multi-touch screens?

Create using Intuiface Composer on Windows

Deploy and Run using Intuiface Player on any Touchscreen Kiosk Device

Measure and Visualize using Intuiface Analytics to gain business insight

Kiosk Display Software for Interactive Digital Signage

Cutting-Edge Digital Technologies
Interact with your audience using a variety of cutting-edge digital technologies such as multi-touch, RFID, sensors, voice, and camera-based interactions. Intuiface kiosk display software is engineered to work with virtually any interactive approach you can imagine. Touch is great but why not go beyond?
Digital Kiosk Software for Any Screen and Any Screen Size
Intuiface is hardware agnostic so you can run your interactive content on any Windows, iPad, Android, Samsung Tizen, LG webOS, or Chrome OS device of any size or manufacturer. Landscape or portrait orientation? Single screen or multi-screen display wall? It's all up to you!
Kiosk Software Accessible to Any Business, Regardless of Skill Set
Create and deploy fully interactive kiosk experiences for tradeshows, showrooms, museums, quick service restaurants, retail stores, or any other business context. Don’t have the skills or time to write code? Don’t worry. No-coding is our motto.
Track Interactions and Generate Insight
Whatever you're selling - from movie tickets to real estate to an endless aisle of goods - you need to understand the buyer. Intuiface Analytics helps you turn your kiosk experience into an essential KPI resource by defining, collecting, visualizing, and sharing interaction data that drive design, operational, and business insights.
Connect and Extend to Personalize
With Intuiface you can connect your user interface to external data and extend your design to incorporate business logic and any object found among the Internet of Things. Don't want to be limited to static data? Want to link the user experience to a back office system? You can do it with Intuiface - without coding!
Kiosk Application Runs Your Content Both Online and Offline
No Internet connection? No problem. This kiosk application saves Intuiface experiences locally and run them offline. Pull the Internet cable from your PC, shut off WiFi on your interactive kiosk. Of course, by running experiences online, you gain the ability to access external information in real time. Want to display both offline and online content at the same time? Be our guest!
Flexible Licensing
Subscribe for a month, a year or multiple years. It's your choice! Plus licenses can be shared, enabling you to equip a large team without an equal-sized investment. And of course, we do propose a discount for multi-year subscriptions.

See it in action

Watch these videos of interactive presentations made with Intuiface
ANWB endless aisle solution
ANWB endless aisle solution
Currency Exhibit for The Royal Mint
Currency Exhibit for The Royal Mint
Wayfinding Demo
Wayfinding Demo

Learn from pre-built samples

Watch and learn how to build an interactive touch screen kiosk experience with Intuiface.
Success Story: Capgemini

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The Future Of Interactive Touchscreen Kiosks Is Here. Be Part Of It.

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