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Interactive Games for Your Business

Build interactive games for your business. Use interactive gamification software
to create mini-games increasing engagement with no code.
Interactive Gamification Software

Intuiface and Gamification

Gamification Platform

Gamification is the concept of applying game-like elements in non-game contexts to cultivate skills, encourage innovation and heighten learning processes. Because interactive content is the perfect medium for marrying games with your message, Intuiface’s gamification platform lets you create promotional  interactive games without writing code.  

Gamification Marketing With Mini-Games

We've created the following mini-games for use in all of your Intuiface experiences. They're free to use and fully customizable, enabling you to add your own graphics and audio files. Use Gamification marketing with mini-games to help you teach, inform and enlighten.
Gamification Platform For Touchscreen Games

Mini-Games for Presentations:

Free to Use and Customize

Touch Screen Memory Game

Touch screen memory games require concentration, making them a great compliment for educational activities.
Use this game to test retention or to just have a little  fun!
Touch Screen Memory Game
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Slot Machine

Running a promotional campaign and have goodies or coupons to hand out? Use an interactive slot machine in your store or tradeshow, giving people a chance to win prizes. You decide on the odds of winning!
Mini Games For Presentations - Slot Machine
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Wheel of Fortune

You know it from a popular TV show but wheels are also widely used in stores or at tradeshows to bring gambling excitement. Why not do it on a touch screen? It's a great way to engage customers and excite an audience.  
Gamification Software For Wheel Of Fortune
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We've all scratched a lottery ticket and now you can do it on a touchscreen with your finger.
Great for promotional events in order to hand out discounts.
Gamification Software For Scratchcard Game
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Jigsaw Puzzle

Not your average cardboard jigsaw puzzle, this one is touch-enabled. Puzzles are great for engaging the kid in all of us while getting users to focus on a specific image. They will remember it for a long time afterwards.
Gamification Software For Jigsaw Puzzle
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Touch screens are a perfect delivery vehicle for quizzes. Use them for education, promotion or even events.
Gamification Marketing For Quizzes
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Use Interactive Games in Your Business for Gamified Marketing

retail icon
Use games as a fun and interactive way for shoppers to win prizes.
museum icon
Great for engaging children, it's a novel approach to grabbing visitor attention.
digital signage
Digital Signage
Games can foster attention and generate traffic for your screens.
Dining & Entertainment
Give your customers something to occupy their time throughout service.
Marketing Events
Use gamified marketing for promotion, announcements or to foster word-of-mouth marketing.
Kids learn best when they are having fun, so make it fun!

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