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Digital Signage for Raspberry Pi Devices

Intuiface is the ultimate platform for effortlessly creating, deploying, and measuring interactive digital experiences without any coding for Raspberry Pi.

With Intuiface, you can build stunning and highly functional applications for any audience, all while utilizing Raspberry Pi as your device of choice. Intuiface's software for Raspberry Pi lets you leverage your own data, backend APIs, and content without any changes required. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, if you can create a slide, you can create personalized and engaging experiences for any audience.

Raspberry Pi, with its affordability and flexibility, has become a popular choice in the kiosk marketplace. However, one of the main barriers to its adoption has been the difficulty in creating applications. Most content delivery platforms for Raspberry Pi focus solely on traditional, broadcast digital signage, limiting the ability to deliver interactive experiences like museum exhibitions, sales pitches, or information kiosks. This is where Intuiface stands out.

Unlike other platforms, Intuiface enables teams of any skill level to create, deploy, and measure captivating digital content for any audience. It offers native support for multi-touch interaction, a wide range of deployment options (including webpages and mobile apps in addition to the kiosk), and a simplified framework for connecting to enterprise data resources and local peripherals, such as payment-related services and hardware. All of this is achieved using a no-code platform that also provides robust analytics capabilities and remote experience deployment, making it even more convenient.

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Create using Intuiface Composer on Windows,

Deploy and Run using Intuiface Player on Rapsberry Pi devices

Intuiface Running on Raspberry Pi4 demo

This demo is running straight on Raspbian Buster OS without a virtual machine.

The Digital Signage Features You Expect

Any Design
Any Design, Your Content

Your own layouts and storyboards with your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, and more, all automatically interactive.

Deploy Everywhere
Deploy Everywhere

Web-hosted deployment automation for any number of devices across multiple geographic regions. High volume digital signage managed from your office.

Deep Analytics
Deep Analytics

Define, collect, visualize, and share data from your projects to gain insight about your audience and how they're influenced by their environment.

See It In Action

Watch these videos of Intuiface-based digital signage in action. 

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