Kiosk Software for Windows

Create dynamic, data-driven interactive content for Windows PCs - and never write code with Intuiface’s interactive kiosk software for windows.
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Digital Signage Software for Windows

Kiosk Software for Windows

Intuiface — The world's premier digital signage windows software for creating, deploying and measuring interactive digital experiences without writing one line of code. 

Build gorgeous, highly functional applications for any audience and interact with them using touch displays connected to any Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 PC and - optionally - any connected object among the Internet of Things. Use your own data and your own content - don’t change a thing. If you can build a slide then you can create fully interactive experiences that will thrill your clients and intimidate your competition.

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Kiosk Software For Windows

Windows Kiosk Software for Businesses

Intuiface’s windows kiosk software is a popular choice for businesses looking to create an interactive kiosk experience for their customers.

With its user-friendly interface, Intuiface kiosk software enables businesses to develop engaging kiosk displays without requiring any coding experience. Retail stores, restaurants, museums, hotels and other public places commonly use Kiosk PC software. Kiosks offer a wide range of benefits such as increased engagement, promotion of products and services, as well as providing crucial information to customers.

Digital Signage For Windows: The Features You Expect

The Digital Signage Features You Expect

Any Design
Any Design, Your Content

Your own layouts and storyboards with your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, and more, all automatically interactive.

Deploy Everywhere
Deploy Everywhere

Web-hosted deployment automation for any number of devices across multiple geographic regions. High volume digital signage managed from your office.

Deep Analytics
Deep Analytics

Define, collect, visualize, and share data from your projects to gain insight about your audience and how they're influenced by their environment.

See Windows Digital Signage Software in Action

See It In Action

Watch these videos of Intuiface-based digital signage in action. 

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Working with the Internet of Things
Motion/gender detection, lighting controls and more. Incorporate connected objects.
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Capturing and Visualizing Usage Information for Analytics
Collect, chart, and publishing everything there is to know about your users: what they do, who they are, where they are.
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Minimum Device Specs

Hardware specifications for running Intuiface on Windows PCs. Full details are here.

Windows 10 or later. CPU: Intel Core i5 or later GPU: Independent graphics card with at least 1GB onboard RAM. RAM: 8GB for Composer / 4GB for Player

The Future Of Digital Signage Software For Windows Is Here. Be Part Of It.

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