Intuiface API Explorer

Create a live connection between any Web API
and your Intuiface experiences. Without coding.

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API Explorer: The Cloud Connector

Create live connections to virtually any REST-based Web API without writing code. Your experiences can read from and write to thousands of public and private APIs in real-time.

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Master web apis

Tremendous power for working with virtually any Web API - no development degree required.
No-code approach
All you need is a Request URL or curl statement - get it from your IT team - and API Explorer will do the rest. Include everything from movie listings and weather forecasts to your company’s back office and all those connected objects among the Internet of Things.
No code approach
Dynamically modify queries
Permits on-the-fly modification of host, endpoint, and query parameters to tailor the web request for your specific needs. Particularly useful when determining the optimal API call for the data you desire.
REST based query
Multiple read/write request methods and authentication protocols
Requests can use any of the following read and write methods: GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, and DELETE. Supports both Basic and Bearer authentication, the latter by supporting the submission of tokens or API keys. (No OAuth authentication support just yet).
Accepts multiple response formats
Works with XML, JSON, and plain text formatted responses - though you’ll never know because this complexity is hidden from you.

Master the data

Create a two-way data pipeline between any Web API response and your Intuiface experiences.
Visualize the data
The Web API response is displayed in an easy-to-read format, making it simple to identify the fields you will work with inside your Intuiface experiences.
Work with multi-page results
Some Web APIs will organize multi-item responses across multiple pages, with each page containing a predefined number of items. API Explorer makes it easy to work with multi-page results. You won’t even know there are separate pages!
Take advantage of machine learning
Use a machine learning engine to accurately type each property (is it text? currency? a webpage?), which in turn determines the format believed most appropriate for display in your experience. Everything in the response can be visualized! (And you can always change the property binding later.)
Automatically generate the integration code
Once you’ve finalized your query and identified the key fields you’d like to visualize, click a button and API Explorer will create the integration code - code you’ll never see. All API fields are now accessible within Composer, meaning you will be able to read from and write to all fields from within your Intuiface experiences.

Master the Design

Infinite control over data visualization using the same skills applied to locally stored, static data.
Automatically create data designs for your Intuiface experience
In addition to creating the integration code (which you’ll never see), API Explorer also creates a visualization of the fields you’ve selected. This visualization is placed into the scene you’re actively editing in Composer. For example, an API response with multiple items/pages becomes a multi-item collection. In all cases, the API connection is live, meaning the visualization will change as the data changes.
Infinitely modify the default visualizations
There are no template restrictions placed on content visualization. Change every aspect of the default visuals created by API Explorer, or create your own visualizations from scratch. Approach your design as if the content were stored locally. And remember, you can create designs that write to API parameters as well.
Add/remove API fields as needed
At any point, you can insert additional Web API property fields into your experience, or remove them from existing designs. All of this can be done directly in Composer, the Intuiface editor. You have total control over what to include and how it should be presented
Update your Web API queries at anytime
If the target Web API or your content needs change, you can easily update the integration. API Explorer will replace the existing integration with a new one. Your designs will not be broken for any field whose name doesn't change.

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