Intuiface Composer

Create digital content responsive to touch, sensors,
voice and more - no coding required

Intuiface Composer

Create digital content responsive to touch, sensors,
voice and more - no coding required

Meet Intuiface Composer

No-code, drag-and-drop content creation software proven to
reduce cost by 80% and time to delivery by 60% vs. custom software development.

Intuiface ComposerIntuiface Composer

With Intuiface Composer you can Create your content, Orchestrate responses to users and their environment, and Connect to any external data source, back office system, or device. 



Total freedom to fill a blank canvas with everything Intuiface has to offer
Start From Scratch or use Templates
There are no annoying, pre-built templates or design constraints. You control every pixel of the storyboard, workflow, and layout. It's your experience and your audience so do whatever you like. Want some help? Our free sample experiences can be used for inspiration or as a starting point for your own projects. Regardless of how you work, we've got you covered.
Intuiface templates
Add Virtually Any Type of Media
Of course your Intuiface experiences can include images, videos and documents. However, many more content types - we call them “assets” - are also supported including 3D models, websites, maps, YouTube videos, audio and more. Put them wherever you want, size them however you wish.
interactive display sizes
Fine Tune Properties
Every element of your design is highly configurable thanks to a large collection of properties. Customize appearance, define levels of interactivity (doesn’t respond to touch? can only be rotated?) and specify functional constraints to ensure every aspect of the experience meets your expectations.
Organize Into Collections
Through the use of “collections” you can display multiple, related items in a single, interactive context. Enable your users to browse a library of images, documents, websites, videos and more; optionally permit the use of tap or drag-and-drop actions to pop out copies for independent manipulation. You can even use it as a cool 'table of contents' for experience navigation.

Other Features

Target Any Size Display
Choose portrait or landscape orientation of any any pixel dimension or aspect ratio.
Adobe PSD Import
Build it in Photoshop and you can import selected layers directly into your experience.
Design Accelerators
Use our library of pre-built designs, plus create your own templates for future use.


Identify the events that matter - touch, gesture, sensors, voice, etc. - and how to respond.
Triggers and Actions
When X happens, then do Y. Intuiface exposes this trigger and action relationship for every element of your design and for your experience as a whole. When this page in a document is reached, open that Web Browser at a specific URL. When this button is pressed, play that video.  When this timer runs out, reset the experience to an attract loop. 200+ triggers and 200+ actions can be combined, all without writing one line of code.
triggers and actions
Bind Values to Create Relationships
Mirror values to create relationships between two or more properties, triggers or actions. For example, link the height and width of one image to another. When the first image is resized, the second mirrors the change in dimensions. The potential for visual choreography is unlimited. Optionally add "converters" to transform source values before passing them along.
Animate Everything
Move, rotate, blur, shrink, hide – all of these actions and more can be animated. You can even choreograph multiple animation effects to work in parallel. Extensive configuration options give you complete control, presented in an intuitive, easy to use style.
Use Conditionals, Schedulers, and Timers
Create if-then trigger scenarios, incorporate countdown and inactivity timers, and use device-level schedulers to - for example - change content at specified dates/times, coordinated across time zones using UTC.

Other Features

Make it Accessible
Add voice control for any expression, or link keyboard presses to any onscreen action.
Internationalized Keyboards
Choose from more than 30 keyboard configurations to accommodate most languages.
Annotate On-Screen
Draw lines of configurable colors and widths to highlight items and just to express yourself.


Build live connections to cloud services,  peripherals, the Internet of Things, and more.
Connect To Any API
Without writing a line of code, use Intuiface API Explorer to automatically generate a dynamic connection to any REST-based Web Services API, enabling you to display or upload content in real-time. That means live connections for everything from weather and sports scores to your in-house back-office system. Combined with value binding (mentioned above), you have a powerful mechanism for controlling the user interface and business logic in real-time.
interface assets
Incorporate RFID, NFC, and Other Tag Readers
RFID/NFC, QR code, bar code, chip and pin... All of these devices and more capture unique identifiers. These identifiers, aka tags, can be sent to Intuiface and then used to pull up associated information or trigger actions. For example, swipe your membership card and Intuiface says "Hi Geoff!"
interface assets
Work With Sensors
Use third party sensors - like buttons, motion and light detectors, magnetic pick-up detectors - to monitor and react to the environment. For example, with Nexmosphere components, create lift-and-learn scenarios in just minutes or trigger attract loop videos when people are detected, or look for particular hand gestures to make a selection.
interface assets
Expand With Low-Code/No-Code Interface Assets
Create your own integrations with third-party data sources, business logic, or devices using a simplified "interface asset framework". Take a smart, low-code approach using .NET or TypeScript; use API Explorer for a no-code approach to working with Web APIs. Interface assets are the key to creating experiences responsive to your users and their environment.
interface assets

Other Features

Generate QR Codes
Convert any URL into a corresponding QR code so users can get more information online.
Sync with Headless CMS
Managed content in the web-hosted Headless CMS can be accessed both on and offline in any running experience.
Remote Actions
Have one experience trigger actions in another to share information, orchestrate events.

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