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Give Your Trade Show Booth New Life With Digital Exhibit Software

Intuiface’s tradeshow software & digital exhibit platform allows you to create interactive exhibitions for engaging visitors
is the world's premier trade show software platform for companies who wish to create modern, engaging, memorable
multi-touch digital signage for trade shows and conferences using their existing digitized content and in-house personnel.

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Considering the high cost of trade show participation, you need to do everything you can to stand out, attract attention and generate leads. Posters and handouts or multi-touch digital content on everything from tablets to multi-screen displays? Pull in a crowd with interactive signage telling a story, collecting information and entertaining attendees. Put cutting edge digital content on the floor for less cost than the registration fee for a single show participant.

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Trade Expo Presentations: Why Intuiface

in-house work
Avoid the hassle, 
keep work in-house
Say goodbye to outsourcing. Our users don't have development degrees but their output is cutting edge and runs on the latest hardware. Can you use PowerPoint? Great, then be prepared for your trade expo presentations with signage that stands out on a crowded trade show floor. Why look like everyone else?
touchscreen software
Master the software in no time
Intuiface really is easy-to-use. It requires no programming skills, enabling you to create interactive digital content in an hour! It is backed by a 400+ article library, pre-built templates, an active user community and excellent technical support
minmal cost
Tackle multiple shows with minimal cost
Use analytics to learn from each show and create improved content for the next. Your cost? Just a license fee. Even better, take that content and give it to your Sales Reps, put it in the customer briefing center or post it in employee gathering areas as digital signage.

Give Your Booth New Life With Digital Exhibit Software

Intuiface’s digital exhibit software allows you to create interactive exhibitions for engaging visitors.  

Trade Show Presentations Software for Touchscreens
Display all your content
Digital exhibit software tells your story using the digital content of your choice, including your own images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, maps, timelines and more. With our drag-and-drop editor, it takes seconds.
Interactive Expo Software For Touchscreens
Interactivity and touch
Works with any touch-ready hardware, including Windows, iPad, Android. BrightSign, and Samsung Tizen. Create digital puzzles, quizzes, even interactive games to educate and engage your visitors.
Trade Show Presentations Software For Signage
A visit to remember
Incorporate webcams, social media and more into your interactive signage to build unforgettable, personalized experiences that create interest and buzz. Give visitors a reason to stop, stay and tell their colleagues..
Digital Exhibit Software
Contextual intelligence
Enhance the experience using cutting edge technology like voice and gestures, plus input devices like RFID/NFC tag readers and connected objects among the Internet of Things. Intuiface is cutting edge so you can be too.

Read how 2 Fish Company reduced expense of trade show booth design by 400%

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Trade Show Presentations Software

Features You'll Love

Extensive media support
Run Offline
Show floors offer notoriously bad Internet access. With Intuiface, you don't need an Internet connection.
fun widgets
Gain Insight With Analytics
Collect detailed information about visitor preferences then create charts & dashboards to identify trends.
beacons support
Capture Visitor Information
Prospects can enter information via a virtual keyboard. Store it locally or upload it to your back office in real-time.
interactive timeline
Multiple Display Options
Display your digital content in a variety of unique visual formats. Plus use either portrait or landscape orientation.
Social Media Feeds
Add live Twitter feeds and Instagram/Flickr searches directly into your interactive digital signage.
Flexible Licensing
Need high volume licensing for a short period  of time? Make use of month to month subscriptions.
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We use Intuiface for our internal and external events presentations such as trade shows and summits. It is giving us a very nice way to present our services in an attractive and dynamic way!
Oscar D. Oceguera Avila Marketing & Communications Manager

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Watch these videos of Intuiface-based trade show presentations in action.
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Trade Show Presentations Software

Learn from Pre-built Interactive Exhibit Samples

Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of prebuilt samples and templates - for free.
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