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2 Fish Company reduces expense of trade show booth design by 400%

Scott Millen
Scott Millen
Managing Partner & Creative Principal

“We saved twice the time and 3 to 4 times the money than we would have spent if we had to code it ourselves. The ROI was extremely positive and Intuiface remains today an important revenue stream for our agency.”

NAIAS Trade Show Booth
NAIAS Trade Show


2 Fish Company was enlisted by Yanfeng Automotive Interiors to pursue an ambitious project: the construction of an interactive touch screen system as part of a massive trade show booth for the 2017 North American International Auto Show. Yanfeng— a specialist in superior automotive interior solutions, known to design best-in-class solutions—wanted an exhibit design that would reflect the high quality of its products.

In the automotive industry, texture, look, and feel play a major role in the purchasing decision. To that extent, the challenge was to recreate those qualities in the brief moments available to capture a trade show attendee’s attention.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” -Maya Angelou.

Booth (Interior) Road Show
booth (Interior)Road show


2 Fish Company recognized the challenge ahead, particularly with regard to balancing cutting edge design with cost and a constrained timeframe.

Scott Millen, the Managing Partner and Creative Principal at 2 Fish Company wondered: “How do we build a project of this scope without spending hundred thousands of dollars? It would require highly qualified developers and most importantly an incredible amount of time.” So the research began, and the 2 Fish Co. team was on the hunt for the “magical” tool that would enable them to win and deliver this project.


NAIAS Trade Show


2 Fish Company first came across Intuiface in September 2016 and has not stopped using it since. “We have been flabbergasted by Intuiface’s intuitiveness. We had no in-house programming capabilities, and what was terrific about Intuiface is that our Creative Lead managed to build a massive project from scratch, reducing the project scope by half.” “IntuIFace’s customer support was also so responsive and efficient that we’ve been able to overcome any product knowledge issue at the speed of light,” says Millen.

When the time came to pitch Intuiface as a solution to Yanfeng, 2 Fish Company built a prototype within 2 weeks, borrowed a touchscreen computer, and ran IntuiFace using the trial version. In other words, 2 Fish Company was able to pitch and win the project—and thus the funding of IntuiFace— without spending a dime on software.


Millen and a team of four deployed content to 20 40” touchscreens and 10 iPads® in just three months. Although sharing a common framework, each installation contained both unique content and innovative use of physical sensors.

These sensors—Phidgets—added a “wow” factor by marrying digital content to car parts in the Yanfeng booth. Touching a part— lifting a door panel for instance—would cause information about that part to appear on a touch screen. This unique approach generated buzz throughout the show.

Yanfeng was blown away, deciding to export the same experience to Germany, where they regularly take part in trade shows. In addition, they created a mobile trade show that toured the US and Mexico, using a variant of the sensor-enabled booth.  

As for 2 Fish Company, not only did they satisfy a customer’s wish to embrace new technology, they also managed to reduce project costs by half and— most importantly —significantly reduce expense.

“We saved twice the time and three to four times the money than we would have spent if we had to code it ourselves,” says Millen. “The ROI was extremely positive and IntuiFace remains today an important revenue stream for our agency.”

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