Commercial Real Estate Presentation Software

The real estate industry is naturally suited to the use of interactive screens and Intuiface's
commercial real estate presentation software makes it possible, without coding.
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Introducing Intuiface
No Coding. Effortless. Cutting Edge Outcomes.

Real Estate Digital Signage Software

Intuiface has developed the world's premier digital signage software for real estate brokers, realtors, property managers, builders, architects and other real estate pros who wish to accelerate their sales with modern, engaging and memorable multi-touch experiences using their own digitized content and in-house creative personnel.
Commercial Real Estate Presentation Software

Real Estate Listing Software

Make use of your existing content and keep the work in-house
In need of a technology boost to attract clients but tired of complicated and sometimes ineffective outsourcing processes? Intuiface helps you to utilize your existing content and create multi-touch content entirely in-house witou our real estate listing software

Interactive Real Estate Software

Keep the cost low and the capability high
Because Intuiface’s interactive real estate software brings speed, predictability and quality to content delivery, tackle far more opportunities than you imagined. Temporary and permanent signage installations, information kiosks, sales presentations - and you only pay license fees.

Play Your Experiences On

The #1 platform for building interactive real estate experiences

Commercial Real Estate Presentation Software
No coding is the way to go
Our software is super user-friendly. No programming skills required and backed by a 400+ article library, educational videos, pre-built samples, an active user community and excellent technical support. You'll be creating your projects in minutes!
Be creative. The possibilities are unlimited
From multi-touch listings and property/design showcases to virtual tours and 'smart home' demonstrations: Intuiface can cover all your needs. Plus you won't be constrained by prebuilt templates or apps. You have 100% control.

Know your clients and prospects

Capture your clients' and prospects' preferences to build an informed marketing strategy. With Intuiface Analytics you can collect and visualize details about the decisions expressed by your users through touch (e.g. most popular properties, neighborhoods, price ranges, etc). Use that information to profile wants and needs by demographic. All without coding!
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Commercial Real Estate Presentation Software Analytics

What Do You Want To Create?

Give new life to your listings through interactivity

With drag-and-drop ease you can create interactive listings ready to be deployed across any number of devices! Place them in your office window, on the construction site, or at the open house. These installations naturally encourage self-service investigation.
Real Estate Listing Software

With Features You'll Love:

design freedom
Total Design Freedom
Use your own content (images, videos, documents, websites and more) to create any design, storyboard and layout.
Deploy Globally
Run your content on multiple devices, everywhere, monitor their health and never leave your chair.
browse listing
Dynamically browse listings
Connect to data sources, back-office systems or Excel to present your properties in real time.
Use Online & Offline
You don't need an Internet connection to run your interactive pitches.
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Want to offer a more up-to-date, informative and impactful professional experience to home buyers?

Capable of accessing any cloud-hosted information dynamically and on-demand, Intuiface enables you to create multi-touch digital assistance for your tenants, clients and prospects. For example, create a map-based information kiosk identifying individual properties and lots; a touch of any site opens a host content organized however you wish. With the addition of capability like beacon support, QR code creation and email delivery you can personalize the experience and encourage visitors to engage.
map based property browsing

With Features You'll Love:

extensive media
Extensive Media Support
Intuiface supports images, videos, documents, websites, 3D models, maps and more. Just drag-and-drop them into your design. They're automatically interactive.
beacons nfc rfid
Access Cloud-Hosted data
Personalize each visitor's experience through no-code integrations with cloud-hosted resources. Make sure you're always showing the most up-to-date information.
Send Emails
Follow up with new prospects who submit their information at unattended kiosks. Plus you can send material like annotated schematics, maps and documents.
qr code
Generate QR code
Automatically generate a QR code for any URL to enable the delivery of take-home information on the fly without having to know in advance which information will spur their interest.
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Bored of the ordinary? Interactivity is the way to go.

Show off the beauty of your inventory using personalized designs, matching your aesthetics, in a way that highlights and promotes. Create memorable visuals using any combination of interactive images, videos, 3D models, maps and more. Even better, incorporate any content available from third party resources and display them in real time – everything from the weather to social media and industry-specific information. Your creativity is the only limit.
real estate interactive touchscreen

With Features You'll Love:

extensive content support
Extensive Content Support
We support multiple content formats including images, videos, documents, websites, maps, 3D models, and they are all fully interactive.
external source
Include External Resources
Intuiface can be connected to any WEb API, JSON or XML data sources, and be extended using C# or JavaScript so you can freely enhance your content.
Share Your Work
Clients and colleagues just need a URL to view your work. Or try remote deployment for large scale use across the globe.
Fully Interactive
Not just a boring static show. Your content is fully interactive so you can show off your work in a unique, modern and memorable way.
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Welcome to the IoT universe!

The Internet of Things is the universe of network accessible sensors and devices – from your light bulb and thermostat to your cable box and refrigerator – that can be accessed using digital technology. Intuiface can communicated with these connected objects, enhancing your ability to turn a sales pitch into a memorable performance.
smart home

With Features You'll Love:

Beyond Touch Support
Intuiface supports touch alternatives like proximity and motion sensors, RFID/NFC readers , and gestures, and more enabling both hands-free and highly accessible content.
Schedule your task
You'll be able to change content and trigger actions at specified times, dates and/or intervals for any number of devices.
remote control
Remote Control
Intuiface's remote action API enables 3rd party apps to control / be controlled by other Intuiface experiences and devices from afar.
speech recognition
Voice Activation
Intuiface supports use of the spoken word, capturing information and/or reacting to commands with an almost limitless number of on-screen or behind-the-scenes actions.
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We use Intuiface for our internal and external events presentations such as tradeshows and summits. It is giving us a very nice way to present our services in an attractive and dynamic way!
Oscar D. Oceguera Avila Marketing & Communications Manager
IntuiFace helped us to reinvent our business through technology. We easily created a unique, interactive presentation that buyers and brokers can use within Model Homes. Realtors have stated how impressive it is, how it gives us a "great touch" and is unlike anything they’ve seen from other builders. In today's world of modern technology, IntuiFace gives Desert View Homes the extra edge over the competition.
Ryan O'Leary IT Associate

See It In Action

Watch these videos of Intuiface-based real estate listing presentation software in action.
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Commercial Real Estate Presentation Software

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Need a hand kick-starting your project? We offer a wide variety of pre-built samples and templates.
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