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Need to create an interactive presentation but not sure where to begin? Try Intuiface, no-coding interactive presentation software used around the world to deliver interactive content.
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Interactive Presentation Tools with Digital Technologies

What if we could all – regardless of our skills - harness cutting edge digital technologies with interactive presentation tools to create new interactive experiences for kiosks and other multi-touch screens?

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Interactive Presentation Software Software Composer & Player

Interactive Software for Presentations

Interactive Software For Presentations
Your Presentation, Your Design
Intuiface doesn’t let you waste your imagination. You can control every pixel of the storyboard, workflow and layout. Are you an Adobe user? Intuiface interactive software for presentations automatically imports .psd files, immediately converting them into design assets. Not enough time? Jump start with customizable design accelerators a.k.a. ready-to-use components - graphics, buttons, menus and much more.
Interactive Presentation Tools
Your Interactive Presentation, Your Content
Intuiface supports close to all content types including 3D models, HTML iFrames and embeds, maps, YouTube videos, Flash animation and you name it. Don't want to be limited to static data? Build interactive presentations that incorporate data from external data source(eg. Cloud services, Excel, etc.), business logic or any object found among the IoT - in real-time - so your content is always up-to-the minute and rich.
Interactive Presentation Software
Deploy Everywhere, Online or Offline
Web-based Intuiface Share & Deploy presents a real-time inventory of all Internet-accessible instances of Intuiface Player regardless of geography or operating system. Is your audience spread across multiple cities? Tag each device and deploy the right experience remotely without having to ever leave your chair. Missing internet connection? Save Intuiface experiences locally and run them offline.
Interactive Presentation Software
No Coding Knowledge? No Problem
What you see is what you get on the modern interface of Intuiface Composer. Build interactive presentations using simple drag-and-drop techniques and combine them in seconds with our advanced widgets. Intuiface also includes a host of tools to speed and fine tune your design efforts - Snap-to alignment, dynamic guides, “smart” panels, keyboard shortcuts, configurable editor layouts and much more.
Interactive Presentation Software Form Factor
Form Factor is Nonfactor
We like to say the Intuiface platform is hardware agnostic. With rare exceptions, manufacturer and physical screen dimension. All Intuiface needs to know is the pixel resolution to ensure designers are provided with the right canvas size for their design. So target everything from an Android tablet and iPad Pro to the Microsoft Surface Pro, a Lenovo Chromebook, a 22'' HP all-in-one kiosk or an 82" Planar-based multi-display video wall.
Interactive Presentation Software Analytics
Read Your Audience’s Mind with Deep Analytics
Whoever is orchestrating the presentation, Intuiface Analytics can help you generate design, operational, and business insights of the experience. Log automatically every interaction made on your presentation - scenes visited, items selected, location of the presentation, etc. Then visualize the data in charts and dashboards the way you want, export and download it in various file formats (image, PDF, Excel) for offline analysis and sharing.

See it in action

Watch these videos of interactive presentations made with Intuiface.
Trade show Exhibit for Microsoft Cloud Datacenter
Trade show Exhibit for Microsoft Cloud Datacenter
Yamaha Touch Screen Presentation
Yamaha Touch Screen Presentation
Corporate Presentation Theatre
Corporate Presentation Theatre

Learn from pre-built samples

Watch and learn to build an interactive presentation experience with Intuiface.
Success Story: Capgemini

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