Chapter 11

Our Commitment to You – A Future-Proof Business

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Chapter 11
The Complete Guide To Doing Business With Intuiface

Our Commitment to You – A Future-Proof Business

Intuiface is an R&D-driven company. (Believe it or not, Intuiface has seven patents, and more in the work) Our priority is to live on the cutting edge and make all of that work accessible to our users.

Look around at the 600+ signage solutions on the market. See what they can offer you in terms of 1) multi-touch support, 2) connectivity to any third party cloud-hosted data source, business logic or device, 3) sensor integration, 4) computer vision support, 5) data capture for usage analytics, 6) multi-platform support, 7) extensive help and support resources, 8) a start-up mentality with a mature, cutting-edge code base.

Intuiface is the result of 10+ years of software development coupled with 10+ years of customer feedback, both good and bad. We've seen it all, from single device deployments to a single client with 2300 Players! We believe our quality, ambition, and achievement to be peerless.

You get feature releases from us up to four times each year and when we find a bug, we fix it in days, not months. (Not that we have bugs. Of course not!) We listen to our customers and strive to exceed their expectations.

Bottom line: Intuiface is the most advanced no-coding platform for interactive content creation and delivery on the market.

We won’t let you down. Now get to work!

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