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Looking Back at 2022, Looking Forward to 2023

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Here is our annual look at the year that's past and predictions for the year to come in the world of digital signage.

Here is our annual look at the year that's past and predictions for the year to come in the world of digital signage.

Looking Back at 2022

  • Evolving nature of going to market
    Conferences are back but intersect with only a minority of the opportunity. COVID has driven greater reliance on and confidence in online engagement. It became critical to pursue inbound marketing and user community engagement to educate the public on the outside of the Digital Signage walled garden.
  • Using software to overcome hardware supply limits
    This past year was about how to do more with what you have. Orders for new hardware are slow to fulfill, often late to deliver, and potentially in smaller batches than required. This instigated a reliance on existing, older hardware. The only solution was to squeeze more performance out of that hardware via device-optimized software.
  • Emerging awareness of DS isolation from web and mobile channels
    A significant market focus, exemplified by the DXP industry, has been on creating content for customer-facing web and mobile channels via a unified solution. Unfortunately, these efforts have overlooked in-venue engagement - i.e. the world of digital signage - despite being an equally critical customer channel. That oversight has slowly started to change.

Notable Achievements in 2022

  • Thought leadership recognition
    As evidenced by this blog post, Intuiface devotes time to identifying industry trends and influences to shape and direct our strategy. When we identify what appear to be major trends, we’ll go public and talk about them as well. In 2022, two thought pieces in particular caught the public eye. The first was our ebook about the exploding no-code movement and how it has overlooked digital signage; the second was about generative AI and its seat at the table for content creation. Both were picked up by industry thought leaders - e.g. this interview of our Geoff Bessin by Sixteen-Nine on the topic of no-code - and brought welcome recognition to Intuiface.
  • Platform Expansion
    As we complete our engineering efforts for Player Next Gen, we’ve increasingly opened access for evaluation and expanded the breadth of supported platforms. For example, we released experience web-publishing capabilities to all with access to Player Next Gen and added the low-power Raspberry Pi to our list of supported operating systems for in-venue deployments. We believe we’re on track for general availability of Player Next Gen by the second quarter of 2023.
  • ISO 27001 recertification
    Intuiface was the first company in the Digital Signage space to achieve ISO 27001 certification - the global standard for information security. Accomplished in 202, this certification requires annual assessments to ensure our execution matched our plan and to identify the need for process addition or modification. Intuiface passed its annual assessment and achieved recertification. As of mid-December 2022, Intuiface remains only one of a handful of digital signage companies that has received this certification.
  • Virtual Intuiface User Conference
    Following our appearance at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, the Intuiface team headed to company headquarters in Toulouse, France and ran our 2022 Virtual Intuiface User Conference. Beyond ISE, it was the first time our geographically distributed team had been together since before COVID! This two-day event was a big hit for our customers and was a blast for us to deliver. If you’re interested, we posted a recording for each session on YouTube.
  • Launch of Q&A LIVE
    On almost a daily basis, our Sales and Support teams receive excellent questions about how to do x, y, z with Intuiface. It occurred to us that these great questions would appeal to many of our users, but the answers were only going to those who asked them. With our new Quarterly Q&A LIVE events, we take the best questions and answer them during a live webinar. We've posted all sessions and their agendas to our website. It's never too late to learn!

Looking Forward to 2023

  • Information security becomes a first-class citizen
    Digital signage has continued to be the rare industry that has skirted the IT requirement for certified information security protocols and practices. This oversight will finally change. Certifications like ISO 27001 and SOC2 become requirements; the absence of accreditation invalidates a DS vendor’s offering.
  • Explicit convergence of DS platforms with DXPs and similar for web and mobile
    The ongoing unification of solutions targeting content creation and management for web and mobile will lead DS vendors - tired of waiting for the industry to catch up - to create their own integrations. The result is a headless approach to content management that spans all digital customer engagement channels.
  • Green signage turns to software
    Green signage is all about reducing power usage. Approaches include low-powered devices, reduced screen brightness, and keeping screens off after hours. Companies will recognize that, in all cases, software can enable or inhibit efforts to reduce power consumption. The result will be an insistence on DS solutions that maximize performance on any device, with the flexibility to accommodate any visual approach.
  • Rising cost and scarcity of software developers inhibits innovation
    DS integrators are struggling to innovate as the supply of developers considerably lags demand. In other industries, this challenge is compensated by adopting no-code solutions that enable in-house creatives to innovate. The same approach will increasingly influence DS buyer decisions as well. Both enterprises and the agencies/integrators who serve them will need no-code platforms to help them add complexity and innovation despite the developer shortage.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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