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Lesser Known Features of Platform Enterprise

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Remote deployment is not the only reason to choose Enterprise. In fact, there are a few advantages for going with Enterprise and we’re guessing you don’t know much about them. We solve that here.

Chances are, if you're considering or already subscribing to Platform Enterprise, it's because you need Intuiface’s remote deployment capability - the ability, using just a web browser, to push and run experiences on Players located anywhere in the world . If you need it, you’ve got to have it. And if you don’t think remote deployment is all that important for you, then you’re probably thinking Platform Essential or Platform Premier are good enough.

Guess what? Remote deployment is not the only reason to choose Enterprise. In fact, there are a few reasons to consider Platform Enterprise, and we’re guessing you don’t know much about them. Let’s solve that here.

Lesser-Known Enterprise Features

Audit Trails

The Intuiface Audit Trail is a historical record of all security-related actions connected to account access, product licensing, and experience usage, sharing, and deployment. Audit trails are proof that particular actions occurred and useful as evidence when troubleshooting the cause of unexpected events.

In the image below are four records for the Intuiface account

Audit Trails are considered critical for Enterprise IT organizations because of their importance for troubleshooting problems and identifying unexpected or inappropriate actions. If your IT organization typically requires audit trails for its enterprise software, you should consider Platform Enterprise.

Single Sign-On

With Single Sign-On, Intuiface customers can log into all Intuiface products and services using their corporate email address and password. This is made possible by linking one or more Intuiface accounts to the Identity Provider used by a customer’s company. With this linkage, Intuiface users only have to log into their corporate account; successful authentication is communicated to Intuiface.

Enterprise IT organizations love single sign-on because password security and management are maintained in-house rather than “outsourced” to a third-party software vendor like Intuiface. Plus, it’s one less password for users to track. If single sign-on is important for your company, you should consider Platform Enterprise.

Branded Analytics Dashboards

Were you aware that with Platform Enterprise, you could change the logo located at the top of all Analytics dashboards? For Platform Essential and Premier, dashboards always display the Intuiface logo:

With Enterprise accounts, you can change that logo. Perhaps you want your own company’s logo, perhaps it’s the logo for your client. Either way, this feature enables you to “white-label” the dashboard, removing any indication of the software used to generate it. If white-labeled Analytics dashboards are important for your organization, you should consider Platform Enterprise.

Access to Player Next Gen

As many of you are aware, we are heavy at work on what we call Player Next Gen, brand new runtime technology that will not only improve experience performance and capability on already-supported platforms, but will also bring brand new support for deployment to websites, to personal mobile devices, and to new platforms like Linux and Raspberry Pi. Build in Composer on Windows, run in Player pretty much anywhere you can imagine.

Only those at the Enterprise level are able to use Player Next Gen on the web or on mobile devices. In fact, many Enterprise customers are using it today in what we're calling a managed roll-out: those who request access and whose project(s) conform to the latest Next Gen capability can use it in Composer and in deployments. So if you ever want to deploy your experiences as a website or as an app on personal devices, you should consider Platform Enterprise.

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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