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New Product Features in September 2023

Intuiface New Product Features in September 2023
This is a Guest Blog Post by
The Intuiface Team

This month you've got 3D model support in Player Next Gen, fine-grained control of storage locations for published experiences, and much more.

Intuiface’s Development Team is always a hive of energy, busy bees ceaselessly working to improve and enhance the Intuiface platform. This past couple of weeks is an excellent example with the launch of multiple new features that are as sweet as honey. (Ok, no more bee analogies.)

Here’s what we’ve shipped.

Player Next Gen

We are close to wrapping up the list of must-have features for Player Next Gen that we believe are critical for launch. Here are the latest to hit the streets.

3D Model support
Now, you can visualize and interact with 3D models. We’ve chosen to support the popular glTF format, which has become so pervasive as to be a standard. (This means virtually all alternative 3D model formats can be transformed into glTF.) Incorporate 3D in your experiences, from in-venue to the web.

Collection autoscroll
With autoscroll, ordered collections - like Asset Flows and Carousels - can automatically advance from one item to the next at a defined interval. This visual technique is mom and apple pie for traditional, broadcast digital signage - and now you can do it with your experiences in Player Next Gen.

These Player Next Gen features are significant as they move us ever closer to the feature-complete status we require for general availability. The remaining list is short enough that we expect Player Next Gen to officially launch sometime next month in October. We'll be sure to let you know when it happens!

Experience Storage

Intuiface Cloud Storage uses Amazon’s AWS S3 under the covers, allowing us to leverage their global reach. Starting today, Platform Enterprise accounts can change the geographic location of the AWS S3 data center used to store your published experiences. For some of you, this is critical because you - or your clients’ - IT organizations require all intellectual property to reside in-country.

Storage locations can be specified at the experience level, meaning your account may use multiple geographic locations. All of this is hidden from you, of course. Experience publishing and deployment works seamlessly regardless of location. For more information, see our discussion about storage locations in the Help Center.

Headless CMS base duplication

Headless CMS bases are independent entities from the experiences that use them. (In fact, the same base could be used by more than one experience.) As a result, saving a personal copy of another Intuiface account’s experience also requires a copy to be made of any base it uses. We have automated this process. Now, anytime you use Composer to “Save as” an experience shared with you by another Intuiface account, we will not just create a copy of the Composer project, but we will automatically create a copy of all associated bases as well.

Headless CMS base duplication

Your Intuiface account needs to have Dashboard rights to make the copy, so not just anyone can duplicate bases. Overall, though, this enhancement will make it super easy to share experiences and their bases with accounts without sacrificing some level of control.

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