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Looking Back at 2023, Looking Forward at 2024

Looking Back at 2023, Looking Forward at 2024
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Here is our annual look at the year that's past and predictions for the year to come in the world of digital signage.

As we move closer to 2024, the digital signage industry is poised for significant changes in how companies create and deploy content for audiences. In this blog post, we look back at some of the major events of 2023 and Intuiface’s achievements throughout that year and then make predictions about what we think will be the key changes for the industry in 2024 and beyond.

Looking Back

Looking back at 2023, several significant events impacted the digital signage market.

  • AI and Large Language Models (LLMs)
    Have you heard about generative AI? Ok, kidding. Not only did it take the world by storm, it quickly worked its way into every marketplace, including as a resource for producing and interpreting digital signage content. We even demonstrated the use of AI to generate background images for Intuiface experiences at the ISE 2023 show last January. Companies started using AI to create more personalized content and analyze data about how people interacted with digital signage.
  • Industry M&A
    Another significant development was the increasing consolidation of digital signage companies through mergers and acquisitions, with a return to vertical integration. Some of the acquired were still feeling the effects of COVID’s contraction of business demand, while others were due to the bigger boys purchasing install bases and access to markets they underserved.
  • Return of the QR Code
    QR codes made a significant comeback, enabling audiences to transfer information from in-venue displays to mobile devices. Self-service remains a desirable option for the average shopper, so allowing them to take away content is empowering and a new analytics resource for the vendor.

Intuiface Accomplishments in 2023

  • Support for web-deployed experiences
    We’ve expanded our – and your - reach beyond in-venue displays by introducing the web as a supported deployment platform. Using our Player Next Gen technology, web deployment works on Windows, Android, iOS/iPadOS, MacOS, ChromeOS, and Linux. With Intuiface, your amazing work is no longer restrained to physical locations.
  • Third-Party CMS Integration
    With web deployment, we were able to deepen our relationship with vendors in the traditional Digital Signage market. Intuiface experiences can be embedded in existing signage deployments for nine third-party CMSs: Appspace, BrightSign, Dise, Korbyt, Navori, REACH Media, Samsung VXT, Signagelive, and Telelogos. Expect many more to come!
  • Improved performance in-venue
    Thanks to Player Next Gen, we’ve squeezed more performance out of our already-supported platforms and introduced new support for Raspberry Pi. This achievement plays into our green initiative to maximize performance on low-powered devices, while minimizing energy consumption in idle state. To round out the list of our supported platforms for in-venue deployments, you’ll now see better performance on Android, BrightSign, iPadOS, Samsung Tizen, Chrome OS, and Raspberry Pi.
  • ISO 27001 certification renewal
    Intuiface was one of the first companies in the Digital Signage market to achieve certified compliance with ISO 27001, the information security standard. This certification is audited annually and is subject to a deeper evaluation every three years. We hit our three-year mark and passed with flying colors. Your information is safe with us.
  • Real-time translation for our website
    After English, French and Spanish are by far the most common languages spoken by our website visitors, so we’ve translated our website into French, Spanish, ... and German. Use that flag in the upper right corner of our homepage to change the language.
  • Continued investment in user outreach and education
    The best thing we can do for our customers is to help them improve their design and Intuiface skills. We’ve run quarterly Q&A LIVE sessions, made hundreds of updates and additions to our Help Center, actively participated in all User Community discussions, revised Intuiface Academy lessons, provided support for 1500+ Tech Support tickets, and released countless feature updates and bug fixes.
  • Recognition
    Intuiface has continued to receive glowing support from the two Digital Signage market watchers of record: Sixteen:Nine in North America and invidis in Europe. 

Looking Forward

Looking forward to 2024, we predict several important changes that will shape the future of the digital signage industry.

  • Personalization Through AI
    AI will be increasingly used to create personalized content on the fly and deliver it to audiences in real time. This will entail a significant shift towards data-driven content that targets specific audience segments. For example, you’ll see automatically generated playlists based on audience behavior data.
  • Increasing Accessibility of AI
    AI will also become more accessible to non-technical knowledge workers for the creation of digital signage content. This will encourage end users to take DIY approaches vs. outsourcing media production and lead to more diverse and creative uses of digital signage.
  • Increasing Cost-Effective Power of Digital Signage Hardware Players
    Advancements in hardware, such as the Raspberry Pi 5 and BrightSign XC5, will allow for rich and complex digital signage deployments at increasingly lower costs and energy consumption. This will make digital signage more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses who had been staying away due to cost sensitivity and a preference for in-house vs. outsourced execution. It also makes larger deployments achievable for smaller budgets.
  • Sensor Adoption
    Diminished sensor cost, paired with increasing quality, diversity of options, and ease of use, will result in greater interest in and adoption of audience and environmentally-aware digital signage. Sensors can detect audience demographics, engagement levels, and even emotions, allowing for more targeted and personalized content. The results are more engaging for the target users and more measurable in support of analytics activities.
  • Commoditization of the Playlist Approach to Digital Signage
    We anticipate a shift to commoditization of the playlist approach to digital signage, with solutions like Samsung VXT and other large display vendor platforms making digital signage so affordable and convenient that more expensive alternatives will be forced to compete on price. This will lead to more competition in the DS platform market, more M&A consolidation, and a greater emphasis on offering unique value propositions to create and deploy innovative content based on the best economics.

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