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Intuiface February 2022 Release

Intuiface February 2022 release
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Intuiface Headless CMS gets CSV import and Player Next Gen Support

Intuiface Headless CMS gets CSV import

For many of you, the Intuiface Headless CMS is an eagerly awaited alternative to your use of third-party solutions - like Excel or Airtable - for managing content that appears in your Intuiface experiences. The trick is how to get all that beautiful information into a Headless CMS base. The answer, starting today, is through the use of a brand new import function. Convert your existing content management resource into a properly formatted CSV file and Headless CMS takes care of the rest. You no longer need to manually type everything in. Just import and relax. Here's our detailed description of how the new import function works.


H-CMS Support in Player Next Gen


For most of you, Player Next Gen is still just out of reach. We continue to control access using a managed rollout approach to accelerate our path to complete general availability. That said, we've made a major update to Player Next Gen with the introduction of Headless CMS support. Those of you participating in the rollout have been asking about the integration and now it's here. It's identical capability as experienced with our current-gen Player technology, and can now be incorporated in projects based on Player Next Gen. Think you should be part of the managed rollout? See if you qualify and then get in touch with us.

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