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The 5 Best Interactive Wall Examples Made Using Intuiface

Interactive Wall Digital Signage
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Bomee Lafitte

‍Digital signage solution providers, creative professionals, and business managers, welcome! You’ve landed on the rarest and the most inspiring list you’ll ever find: the top 5 real-life interactive wall digital signage examples of truly engaging and effective interactive walls made with Intuiface.

Whether it is at an exhibition booth, a museum, a corporate lobby, or a retail store, we are used to seeing screen installations trying to grab our attention from the first step in. If you are reading this, there is a big chance that you are contributing to this trend as well. But sorry to break it to you. Not all of those encounters wow us, and some of them just seem to be taking up space if not totally unnoticeable. Part of the reason is that indeed, as we see too many similar installations everywhere, it becomes more and more difficult to be impressed. Okay, then what works?

Interactive Video Wall Solutions

Imagine you are walking into a showroom, and - oddly - the interior is free of leaflet stands or monitors replaying the same video clips. Instead, your jaw drops as you find yourself drawn into a digital wall. Yes, a wall. Soon, you begin interacting with nearby media, buttons, and eye-catching animations on the surface to pursue the information you are looking for. Does it sound like a breath of fresh air that could tickle your senses? We have interactive video wall solutions for all your projects.


Those floor-to-ceiling interactive displays known as Interactive walls are gradually finding their way into museums, retail stores, corporate environments, and wherever an extraordinary way to engage with people is needed. They have great potential to help you deliver what stands out from déjà vu practices. While some may see them as an advanced generation of video walls, interactive touch walls can help you provide nearly anything with the limit of your own imagination when supported by the right set of software and form factor. 


What do successful interactive walls do?

Once again, anything you can imagine. Realistically speaking, though,  ideal interactive walls effectively captures attention and delivers brand messages while enabling users to own the content entertainingly and practically.

  • Made for entertainment: 

Entertainment is unquestionably the eye-catching factor and a surefire strategy to ensure a longer-lasting impression. A successful interactive touch wall or interactive sensory wall connects with the users by offering emotionally charged events through compelling visuals and sensory experiences. They are fundamentally made to create captivating sights and usually invite users to own the content beyond mere scrolling through a list of information. People can participate in more personally resonating experiences such as making decisions, connecting with others, communicating through objects, or completely orchestrating the content.

  • Connection hassle-free

A successful interactive wall permits no downtime. Honestly, this is a universal law that applies to any form of interactive digital signage. But if it’s true that sometimes Internet connectivity fails us, how do we ensure zero downtime? Simple, locally save the content and run your signage offline. You should be able to pull the ethernet cord, shut down WiFi on your interactive touch wall, and still deliver a flawless visitor experience. Of course, by running experiences online, you gain the ability to access external information in real-time. But a successful interactive wall will always have a Plan B behind the stage: the ability to switch between on and offline.

  • Works great with Interactivity

Touch-sensitive wall displays are already a good start. It is fundamentally a wall-size flashy visual you can play with, so why not? But a successful interactive wall delivers more than touch-based interactions and does it smoothly. It lets users speak, navigate through content using real objects, scan to retrieve more information, take pictures, and feel texture through haptic touch technology. Diverse interactivity means more diverse content, more sensory experiences, and more ways to own the content for the users, even for the physically and visually impaired. This is wht interactive sensory walls are a great fit. When supported by analytics, it also means insights about the users, the business, and the performance of the installation. 

  • Spotless visual quality

Successful Interactive walls not only bump up the content size, but also bump up the resolution. To succeed then need to display spotless, natural, dynamic and interactive content across screens so large that blemishes are hard to miss. The best approach to achieve this is not to make any hardware concessions and to use content creation software that is hardware agnostic, meaning the content created within the platform is adjustable to any make, model, and size of display.

  • Content variety

As mentioned earlier, interactive touch walls are more than just an advanced generation of video walls that are usually intended to display fixed-sized multimedia content from a single source across multiple screens. A successful interactive video wall display boasts extensive content support including APIs and HTML embeds, maps, YouTube videos, Flash animation and audio for voice over and sound effects. Of course, it treats all types of content responsive, giving users more freedom to express themselves and interact with the content. 


Our favorite examples of interactive digital menu boards 

1. Multi-display wall

Creator: Elecom

This 2x4 multi touch experience made for Nokia runs in Intuiface on Samsung displays. The multi-display wall supports up to 100 simultaneous touch interactions enabling seamless onscreen collaboration. The 7680x2160 pixel dimensions permits high-quality visualization of content on the large size screen wall.


2. Interactive Touch Walls at the Wiseman Aquarium

Creator: Greensboro Science Center

Greensboro Science Center based in North Carolina created this magical interactive aquarium experience by using multiple Ubi cameras and Intuiface software. The installation provides a truly immersive environmental experience optimized for large group visits with the floor-to-ceiling projection display turning the entire wall surface into interactive touch walls, and diverse types of animated content are flawlessly triggered by multiple tactile triggers. 

3. Outdoor voting wall

Creator: Bliwe

Intuiface Creative Expert, and a young Parisian startup company, Bliwe, created an outdoor interactive touch wall for France Galo’s  2015 Deauville Meeting. This outdoor animation offered visitors the chance to vote for their three favorite jockeys. 10 lucky winners were randomly drawn from the voters every day, earning envy-worthy gifts. This “made for engagement” operation resulted in the addition of 4k new leads in the racing company’s database.

4. Interactive Gift Wall

Creator: UAU

This project delivered by UAU for Corteva integrates four technologies: projection mapping, capacitive sensors, touch screen, and a vending machine. Visitors are invited to stay and follow along the entire journey, which starts by touching one of the images on 4x3m wall representing Corteva’s products. When the user touches the image, a host of playful animations are displayed using projection mapping, moving users further along the storyline. Then the on-screen display powers on, inviting users to participate in a quiz. Based on the answers, the vending machine distributes a gift. 


5. Videowall touch table interaction 

Creator: Promultis

Exhibited at Retail Expo 2019, London, this installation enables users to orchestrate the video wall content using touch table interactions. By rotating the 3D printed marker on the table, users can trigger events to pull out multimedia content and a car comparison tool on the touch table itself and on the interactive wall. By placing a second marker on the screen, the user can compare two cars against one another. 

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Bomee Lafitte
Bomee Lafitte

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