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Promultis Ltd

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Promultis are a manufacturer and installer of multi touch screens, collaborative tables, kiosks and video walls with interactive software solutions. Our development team create fully branded, content rich, collaborative, intuiface experiences.

Welcome to a world where immersion knows no limits. Welcome to Promultis.

We are your ultimate destination for bespoke interactive solutions designed exclusively for your project's unique requirements. With an unwavering commitment to turning your visions into captivating realities, we offer a comprehensive suite of services that redefine interactivity and immersion. Our in-house software and design teams work closely together to create an all-encompassing one-stop shop that caters to every aspect of your project.

Our commitment to being your full-service provider doesn't just stop at software. Our expertise also includes the manufacturing and installing of interactive hardware solutions. This approach ensures that all aspects of your project, from the digital to the tangible, are harmoniously integrated into a seamless whole.

Our dedication to creating immersive experiences is not just a service but a passion. As you explore the possibilities on our website, you'll witness the combination of technology, creativity, and innovation. To embark on a journey of transforming your visions into captivating realities, contact us at +44(0) 2392 512794 or email us at


Throw content around the screen, enlarge images and flick through PDFs. We specialize in creating fully interactive software either from scratch or using your existing company assets.


Create a collaborative multi-user experience, allowing up to 4 users to interact with different content at the same time.


Create the perfect digital signage solution, incorporating live feedssuch as news, social media, videos and many more.


Update all your content remotely via an Online Content Management System. Use your experience across multiple events without any additional software development needed. Just change the content in the CMS and the experience is as good as new.


Use real, 3D printed object recognition markers to manipulate content on-screen. Use the marker as an innovative menu system, or trigger content to open based on position and orientation of the marker.


Connect REST API feeds to your interactive experience to pull in Products, Images, Video, Text. Perfect to use in Retail experiences and Database solutions.


Incorporate RFID readers into the experience and create a reactiveproduct comparison retail solution. Or trigger virtually any event when tagsare detected.


Track virtually any event such as button taps, emails sent, time spent on scenes, the total number of users in a day. Check your data at any time online with a data tracking dashboard created by us.


Trigger events within the software based on real life gestures. Whether it be waving your hands or walking past the screen, our software can adapt the content based on your motion.

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