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How to Close More Deals Using Interactive Digital Presentations

Close More Deals Using Interactive Digital Presentations
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Chloe Canella

In this article, we'll discuss how you can create effective interactive digital presentations that will help increase your chances of closing more sales.


Are you looking for a way to make your sales pitches more effective and engaging? One of the most powerful tools in your arsenal is an interactive digital presentation. With the help of this strategy, you can increase customer engagement and close more deals. Let's dive into the topic:

What are Digital Sales Presentations?

Digital sales presentations are an innovative and engaging way to present products or services to potential clients. Unlike traditional sales presentations, digital sales presentations use interactive tools such as multimedia, animations, and touch screens to create an immersive experience for viewers. Digital sales presentations allow salespeople to showcase their brand, products, and services in a more visually appealing and interactive way, which can help to increase engagement, generate more leads, and ultimately close more sales.

Sales Presentation Ideas for Digital Displays that Close More Sales

Here are some ideas for creating sales presentations that will help you close more sales:

Create Non-Linear Presentations

Forget traditional, linear PowerPoint-style presentations and embrace non-linear formats that are more flexible and adaptable during sales meetings. Non-linear presentations enable you to navigate seamlessly between topics, addressing your prospects' unique interests and concerns. By creating a more dynamic and tailored experience, you'll engage your audience more effectively, leading to stronger connections and increased chances of closing sales.

Leveraging Mobility with Tablet Presentations

tablet presentations

Tablet presentations offer greater mobility and flexibility during sales meetings. With tablets, you can easily adapt to various settings, from one-on-one conversations to group discussions, while still presenting information in a visually appealing format. This dynamic approach allows for better engagement and encourages collaborative decision-making with potential customers.

Interactive Elements: Questionnaires and Quizzes

Boost prospect engagement by incorporating interactive elements such as questionnaires and quizzes into your sales presentations. These tools encourage participation, stimulate conversation, and provide valuable insights into your prospects' preferences and pain points. By fostering an interactive environment, you create a memorable experience that helps to build trust and rapport with potential clients.

Create Web-hosted Sales Presentations

Consider using web-hosted sales presentations in your sales strategy. These presentations enable you to share real-time content with prospects, fostering dynamic and engaging discussions. Moreover, they serve as an excellent method for extending the sales conversation beyond the meeting by offering prospects valuable takeaways to review afterward. Web-hosted sales presentations are also an ideal solution for distributing proposals, streamlining the process, and enhancing the overall impact of your sales efforts.

Adding the Wow Factor: Videos and 3D Models

These interactive features provide a more comprehensive understanding of your offerings, allowing prospects to visualize your products or services. By showcasing cutting-edge technology and visually striking content, you'll leave a lasting impression that sets you apart.

Harnessing Analytics for Continuous Improvement

Analytics allows you to gain valuable insights and feedback about your sales presentations. Analyze data to determine the most discussed products, identify areas for improvement, and refine your approach for future meetings. By continually assessing and optimizing your sales presentation strategies, you'll ensure that you're always one step ahead of the competition and consistently closing more deals.

Interactive Sales Presentation Software Options

One of the most popular software options for creating interactive digital sales presentations is Intuiface. Intuiface offers a user-friendly interface for designing and creating interactive presentations. The software also provides a range of pre-built samples, widgets, and real-time data integrations to simplify the presentation creation process.

Although other options like Prezi offer a degree of interactivity, Intuiface sets itself apart from competitors with its unique support for non-linear experiences, extensive media formats, and easy integration with third party cloud services. Intuiface's platform enables users with any skill level to design and develop professional and immersive digital experiences without coding knowledge. This user-friendly approach simplifies the presentation creation process and empowers teams to create prototypes quickly and incorporate enterprise data more efficiently.

Also, Intuiface's headless CMS serves as a powerful tool for sales teams, streamlining content management while ensuring brand consistency. Sales managers can maintain control over design elements and align information with the brand's messaging and aesthetics. Simultaneously, sales representatives can be granted limited access to update specific information, enabling them to tailor presentations to individual clients. This perfect blend of flexibility and control enhances the overall effectiveness of sales presentations while staying true to the brand's identity.

Moreover, Intuiface's platform is designed for multi-channel deployment, allowing users to share their digital experiences in-venue, as a website, and as a mobile app. This flexibility provides a unique competitive advantage in reaching a broader audience and adapting to various use cases. By combining these powerful features, Intuiface stands out as the premier choice for creating interactive and engaging sales presentations that leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Examples of successful interactive digital sales presentations using Intuiface

Here are some examples of successful digital sales presentations using Intuiface:

Real Estate Showcase: Quintessence Innovates with Intuiface

digital sales presentation examples

Quintessence, an Intuiface Creative Expert, is reshaping real estate sales pitches through interactive property sales solutions. Using Intuiface technology, they create immersive and personalized touchscreen experiences that boost sales efficiency. With over 125 projects in 15 countries, Quintessence has helped property developers embrace the advantages of interactive experiences for more than 13 years. Read their success story

FirstImpression and TUI: Boosting Sales with Assisted Selling through Intuiface

FirstImpression teamed up with TUI, a leading travel company, to enhance their sales process using Intuiface's assisted selling capabilities. By creating an interactive shopping experience, customers could effortlessly explore holiday packages on touchscreen displays in TUI stores. This innovative approach led to increased customer engagement, improved access to information, and a modernized sales experience that set TUI apart from competitors, ultimately helping TUI close more deals in the travel industry. Read their success story

Microsoft and Tosolini Productions: Elevating Trade Show Presentations with Intuiface

Tosolini Productions, an Intuiface Platinum Expert, partners with Microsoft to create captivating trade show presentations using Intuiface. The Microsoft Datacenter Experience (MDX) is a prime example, offering an interactive format to showcase Microsoft's cloud infrastructure strategies, adaptable for both presenter-led and individual-led scenarios.

Intuiface's Own Sales Presentations: At Intuiface, we practice what we preach. Our sales representatives use an Intuiface experience to showcase our solutions to prospects, highlighting the platform's capabilities and versatility. By demonstrating the effectiveness of our product firsthand, we can confidently help businesses transform their sales strategies with interactive and immersive digital presentations. Below is an example of a presentation our team designed for the sales team to use.

Want more examples? Visit our Showcase page to see a variety of sales presentations made by our customers. You can get an idea of how different companies across various industries have used Intuiface to create interactive and compelling presentations for their viewers.


Embracing interactive elements in your digital sales presentations is a game-changing approach to captivating prospects and forging unforgettable experiences. With cutting-edge tools like Intuiface's platform, you can craft compelling digital solutions that command attention and leave an indelible impact on potential customers. By leveraging advanced features such as cloud service integration or multi-channel deployment for an expansive reach, your sales presentation will undoubtedly outshine the competition. Our users' success stories showcase the ease and efficiency of using Intuiface to produce striking visualizations with minimal effort, empowering you to close more deals through elevated customer engagement during pivotal conversations. Experience the thrill of revolutionizing your sales presentations – go beyond the ordinary and make your mark!

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Chloe Canella
Chloe Canella

As the Head of Digital Marketing at Intuiface, Chloe Canella is committed to helping you reach your goals with Intuiface.

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