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Introducing Intuiface 7- The Audience Engagement Platform

Introducing Intuiface 7- The Audience Engagement Platform
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

With Intuiface 7 we are introducing two revolutionary features to our platform. Each is a game-changer for our customers and puts the industry on notice that Intuiface is where you go for innovation and what's next.

Look, we get it. Intuiface 7 is not exactly a surprise. We first talked about our plans over two year ago and solicited feedback during the intervening years from our customers.  Then for the past couple of months, we’ve actively prepared all of our customers and prospects for the licensing changes that were coming.

So yeah, not a surprise. But a super giant big deal? Absolutely!

With Intuiface 7 we are introducing two crazy-significant features to our platform. Each is a game-changer for our customers and puts the industry on notice that Intuiface is where you go for innovation and what's next.

First, there's Player Next Gen. Some of you already got a peek at it thanks to our little teaser preview. It's a brand new version of the Intuiface runtime, rearchitected from the ground up using the latest web technologies. With this complete overhaul are two amazing benefits for our customers:

  • Ability to deploy experiences to the web and as an app on personal mobile devices
    As we've been saying, this means you can now bring amazing Intuiface content to your audiences, wherever they may be, rather than requiring your audiences to come to your content in a venue. Scenarios include web-based promotion of an event/sale/exhibition/meeting, the delivery of hybrid events enabling visitors to use their personal devices as a complement to place-based digital content, and distribution of "goodie-bag" interactive for those leaving a venue. It's the industry's only multi-channel runtime that also means Intuiface now supports any phone/tablet/PC running Windows, iOS, Android, macOS, or Linux.
  • Native code-like performance on current-gen Player's current list of supported platforms
    Our long-term goal is for Player Next Gen to replace all existing Player technology. It's super scalable and effortlessly performs, enabling it to run on everything from a small Rasperry pi device to a multi-screen display. We've been benchmarking it and have found performance to match that of natively written applications on everything we already supported: Windows, iOS on the iPad, Android, BrightSign, Chrome, Samsung Tizen, and LG webOS. With this reduction in need for high-end tech, the result is larger deployments for the same or lower hardware costs.

Check out that page detailing Player Next Gen for a breakdown. You'll be amazed at what is possible.

Then, there's the new Headless CMS. It's our very own cloud-hosted content management system. By being headless, our H-CMS can be used by Content Managers with zero understanding of both Composer and the target user interface. (In fact, the same H-CMS base can be used by multiple Intuiface experiences, each with a different design.) It's all about the data, can be accessed from anywhere, and contains super innovative capabilities derived from years of customer feedback. Here's some of that innovation:

  • We have introduced the notion of a "variant", which is a very cool approach to varying data based on context. For example, imagine describing a set of menu items in two different languages. The pictures and prices are the same, but the name and description can vary. Imagine how you'd handle this in a traditional CMS. Separate lists right?¬†With the H-CMS¬†variant feature, you'll be amazed at show simple it is to manage this variability based on context.
  • A copy of each H-CMS base is placed on the device of each Player whose experience uses that base. It's synchronized in real-time so the running experience actually doesn't communicate with the cloud; rather, it talks to the local copy. This means lightning-fast data transfer and resiliency in the face of unreliable network connections.
  • Access right management and a publication workflow enable the presence of multiple contributors in a secure environment, and ensure only the right data is made available to experiences at the right time.
  • (coming very soon)¬†Automated import will permit the H-CMS¬†to store and distribute information originating in third-party CMS/DAM/DXP/PLM Enterprise data platforms.
  • (coming very soon)¬†A read/write API to open the use of the H-CMS¬†with other UI creation tools and to create real-time synchronization of a base with third-party systems.

And finally, as noted, there is the major overhaul to how we package and license Intuiface. If you're new to Intuiface then what we are just is how it is. But if you've known us for a while, this is big news:

  • An all-inclusive "Platform"¬†approach means every single customer has access to all Intuiface capabilities, including major features like Analytics and Headless CMS.¬†This was not the case. For example, originally, Analytics was a separate purchase. Today, the difference in Platform plan tiers is mainly one of scale. Well, there are still some feature differences, such as keeping remote deployment as a feature exclusive to Platform Enterprise. You can see all Platform plan differences on our Pricing page.
  • Subscription Alignment enables customers to force subscriptions purchased on different days to renew on the same day. Our agency and integrator customers, who almost always buy licenses for their clients, are going to cry when the hear this is possible.
  • Subscription Extension makes it possible to add any number of days to a subscription, so you've no longer limited to multiples of a month or a year.
  • Select accounts and partners will have access to a far more generous volume discount mechanism.
  • Our 28-day Trial, unlike the time-unlimited Free Edition, gives evaluators access to 100% of Intuiface capability with no limitations other than a need to be online. This means no more watermark, yes, but also means evaluators can literally create and test anything they want.

How's that for a launch!?!?! We're pretty proud and excited. We hope you are too.

Have a boss who'd like a good general overview of the launch without every detail? That's what our Intuiface 7 Announcement page is all about. But those webpages indicated above let you go a lot deeper.

Enjoy the release!

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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