Introducing Intuiface 7

Next-Gen Interactive Digital Signage
for a Multi-Channel World

Intuiface 7

The Audience Engagement Platform

With Intuiface, teams of any skill set can create, deploy, and analyze deeply immersive, personalized, multi-channel digital experiences - running in venues, on their websites, and even in mobile apps - that are responsive to touch, gestures, sensors, voice, computer vision and more.

Most Complete Digital Signage Platform in the Industry

Our innovative approach to interactive content delivery covers the entire spectrum of activity from creation through deployment,
with an ISO 27001 certified infrastructure protecting your company's IP.

NEW: Headless CMS

Cloud-hosted repository enabling content managers to define, store, and manage the media and information consumed
by Intuiface deployments anywhere in the world.

What is a Headless CMS?

By "headless" we mean the data structure does not reflect a targeted user interface. In fact, the same content "base" can be applied to multiple, visually distinct deployments, enabling Content Managers to just focus on data.
intuiface headless CMS


The notion of a Headless CMS is probably new to a lot of you.
Here's why it makes such a difference.
Enables content updates from anywhere for deployments anywhere, no knowledge of Intuiface required
Structured Data Model
Easily store information for multi-value concepts like catalog SKUs, menu items, and museum artifacts
Variant Support
Powerful approach to dynamically varying data elements based on context like location or time
On-device Caching
Stores a local, synchronized copy of all base data to increase performance and overcome unreliable networks
Streamlined Workflow
Reliably control data publication at a granular level during both testing and deployment phases
Read/Write API & Import
COMING SOON Reuse for non-Intuiface deployments and incorporate external data sources for real-time updates

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Try Intuiface for free

100% of Intuiface capability at no cost for one month. Try everything before you buy, no credit card required.

Player Next Gen

The Intuiface runtime - Player - is the gateway to both platform and performance.
It's pure software with the widest range of hardware and OS support in the industry. And that's before this huge update!

What is Player Next Gen?

We've used cutting edge web techniques to create the most platform-diverse, highly scalable runtime in the industry. It frees your content from the venue, enabling it to be run in webpages or as native apps. And its performance is the closest you'll get to writing native code.
intuiface headless CMS


Our adoption of advanced web technologies, combined with our expertise in all types of digital interactivity,
has made Player the most powerful digital signage runtime on the market.
Deploy to the Web
Run your Intuiface content as a webpage, or embedded as an iFrame, on both public and private networks
Deploy as a Local App
Run your Intuiface content as a local app with support for offine use, no separate Player install required
New Platform Support
Web and local app deployments introduce support for iOS and Android phones, MacOS PCs, and Linux devices
Major Performance Boost
Achieves native code-like performance on already-supported platforms like Windows, BrightSign, and Samsung Tizen
Highly Scalable
Low resource consumption enables deployment for everything from Raspberry pi to multi-screen display walls
Future Proof
Pure HTML5 codebase ensures platform, feature, and performance evolutions as the market evolves

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Licensing Model Simplification

We wanted our licensing model - packaging, pricing, discounting - to be both simplified and more generous than in the past.
We think you're going to love what you see.


That's right! Who says packaging and licensing can't be cool?
NEW: Intuiface Platform
All paid accounts begin with a Platform license that combines one Composer, one Player, and use of the Intuiface Cloud
NEW: Intuiface Cloud
Unification of Analytics, Headless CMS, Experience Sharing and Deployment, and Account Management under a single umbrella
Feature Bundling
All account tiers have access to at least some portion of all four Intuiface Cloud features
Subscription Alignment
At any time, Enterprise accounts can reset license renewal dates to match other subscriptions
NEW: Hibernate Subscription
Low cost option for storage of all Intuiface Cloud content when without a Platform subscription
Revised Discount Model
For select accounts, deeper discount model with built support of multi-year and high volume purchases

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Intuiface 7 Launch Event 🚀

Watch our recording of the live event we hosted on September 30, 2021, dedicated to everything special about Intuiface 7. We demonstrated Player Next Gen in action across a variety of platforms, including in a webpage, and walked attendees through all the ins and outs of our new Headless CMS.
Watch Recording 🠲