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Intuiface Leadership summit 2021
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February 11, 2021

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9am New-York / 3pm Paris

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Virtual Intuiface Leadership Summit 2021

Our Largest-Ever Gathering of Business Leaders

Intuiface Leadership Summit 2021 was our first virtual networking event dedicated to the challenges and rewards of running a successful Intuiface-based business. We invited executives and project managers to join us for this highly interactive discussion that was heavy on actionable content and frank conversation.

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We shared our 12-month roadmap during October's Intuiface User Conference but didn't discuss how you should anticipate its effect on what you offer and how you sell it. Here we updated you on our roadmap and helped you to prepare to hit the ground running.

The recording for this session will not be made public but we welcome 1:1 discussions. Please contact us if you'd like to know more.


Based on your feedback and our perspectives for 2021
EST - New-York
CET - Paris
  • 9:00 AM
    3:00 PM
    Welcome and Overview
    Geoffrey Bessin
  • 9:05 AM
    3:05 PM
    Project Inspiration: 1001 Usage Models for Interactivity
    Through an exploration of verticals, cross-vertical scenarios, and touch alternatives, you'll be introduced to an extensive array of opportunities for adding interactivity to existing deployments and incorporating interactivity in new projects.
    Maria Gillespie
  • 9:25 AM
    3:25 PM
    Secret Sauce or Open Door: Choosing How to Talk About Intuiface
    Guest Speaker
    Is Intuiface an edge whose value should be hidden from your prospects and competition, or is there an advantage to publicizing your use? In this session, we'll explore the possibly counter-intuitive notion that going public with your Intuiface use could be good for business.
    Shane Paisley
    Design Revolution Studios, LLC
  • 9:45 AM
    3:45 PM
    Marketing Interactivity to Attract Interactive Project Opportunities
    The best websites attract prospects and encourage engagement. In this session, with the help of Intuiface's own experience, you'll learn about SEO, inbound marketing, and other approaches to creating a presence that attracts an audience interested in interactivity.
    Geoffrey Bessin
  • 10:05 AM
    4:05 PM
    How to Use Intuiface in Pre-Sales Engagements
    Although Intuiface is positioned for project delivery, don't underestimate its power as a pre-sales weapon. Learn the value of and approach to storyboarding and prototyping with Intuiface - even for projects originally conceived to be non-interactive.
    Sebastien Meunier
  • 10:25 PM
    4:25 PM
    Going from One-and-Done to a Recurring Business
    Guest Speaker
    Can project delivery be conducted like a subscription business? This session is about one company's attempt to move away from one-and-done to creating an ongoing relationship with their customers.
    Ahmed Balfaqih
    Click Grafix
  • 10:45 PM
    4:45 PM
  • 10:55 AM
    4:55 PM
    Planning for Intuiface Innovation
    We shared our 12-month roadmap during October's Intuiface User Conference but didn't discuss how you should anticipate its effect on what you offer and how you sell it. We'll update you on our roadmap and help you prepare to hit the ground running.
    Vincent Encontre
    Jacques Soumeillan
  • 11:15 AM
    5:15 PM
    Cost Evaluation of an Intuiface-Based Project
    How much does an ROI discussion find its way into your pitch? In this session, we'll show you the numbers for cost and time savings with Intuiface, then discuss how to incorporate this knowledge in your talks with prospects.
    Geoffrey Bessin
  • 11:35 AM
    5:35 PM
    Creating an Analytics-Based Service Offering
    There is no greater source of lost revenue than the absence of an analytics-based service offering. Find out what you need to offer such a service and how to deliver it.
    Kurt Haller
  • 11:55 AM
    5:55 PM
    Creating an Intuiface-based “Product” to Pursue a Market
    Not every project should be bespoke. In fact, creating a repeatable Intuiface-based "product" is a sales accelerant and shortcut to profit. We'll use our experience with reference design creation to provide guidance.
    Alexis Camacho
  • 12:15 PM
    6:15 PM
    Leveraging the Intuiface Ecosystem
    Guest Speaker
    Intuiface is very much an integration platform, enabling the convergence of multiple third party technologies for both interactivity and data connectivity. This session will use real-world experience to highlight the possibilities.
    Subhodip B
    UST Global
  • 12:35 PM
    6:35 PM
    Using the Intuiface Cloud Infrastructure to Your Advantage
    How much thought have you given to the Intuiface back office and infrastructure? Probably not a lot, but armed with this knowledge you can deliver a far more compelling sales pitch and reliable project.
    Christophe Mertz
  • 12:55 PM
    6:55 PM
    Surviving the Pandemic: A Business Perspective Roundtable
    No business has gone unscathed during the pandemic. The opportunity pipeline has constricted and recovery is hard to predict. All conference participants are encouraged to share their challenges and suggestions for surviving this difficult, once-in-a-lifetime challenge.
    Paolo Tosolini
    Tosolini Productions LLC
  • 1:15 PM
    7:15 PM
    Closing Remarks
    Geoffrey Bessin