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Intuiface + Sightcorp: Audience Measurement for Traditional Digital Signage

Intuiface + Sightcorp
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Traditional digital signage suffers from a lack of data-based insight. Sightcorp's DeepSight Toolkit, combined with Intuiface, solves this problem.

One of the biggest roadblocks to the success of traditional, non-interactive digital signage is its inability to generate meaningful data about effectiveness. Put simply, there is nothing to measure when signage is passively broadcasting information. At best, one can collect secondary measures and make inferences about signage, but correlation is not causation. The resulting inability to learn anything about the audience or the content onscreen makes it impossible to know what to improve, what to stop, and who to target.

Intuiface has the same struggle when used to create traditional digital signage. Its built-in Analytics capability is unmatched in the digital signage industry for data collection and visualization - but it needs data! Certainly, contextual information – like weather and location – can be gathered, but how to measure the audience itself? The existing integration with Intel's distribution of the OpenVINO™ toolkit is effective at the real-time triggering of content based on the primary viewer, but it is not equipped to measure overall attention and effectiveness, aggregated across a specific period.

With the introduction of an integration with Sightcorp's face analysis technology, Intuiface users can solve the data problem.

Sightcorp is an Amsterdam-based specialist in AI-powered real-time face analysis. By pairing their DeepSight technology with any 2D camera, a wealth of highly accurate information can be collected about the people in front of a digital sign. This information is grouped into two categories:

  • Aggregated data for an audience
    DeepSight tracks all people looking at signage over a given time, counts the number of people, and generates averages for gender, age, and mood.
  • Anonymous data per person
    DeepSight collects a wealth of anonymous information about each viewer, including age, gender, attention time, dwell time, presence of a face mask, and more.

Armed with these two highly detailed data sets, Intuiface users will be able to answer a wide variety of questions about their traditional signage deployment:

  • project ROI
  • optimal signage locations
  • most effective (and least effective) messages
  • optimal demographic
  • demographic variation by location
  • mask usage
  • and much more.....

In addition, Intuiface users also can trigger the display of content based on aggregated historical data. For example, if the audience has been 60% or more female over the past five minutes, trigger the display of advertising targeting a female audience. Otherwise, display gender-neutral content.

Of course, Sightcorp's offering can also be paired with Intuiface-based interactive digital signage. In fact, on the roadmap is the ability of DeepSight to deliver audience information in real-time. However, in the current release, DeepSight data is delivered in retrospect. Aggregated data looks back at a specific period; per-person data is provided when a person leaves the field of view. So the near-term focus with Intuiface should be on audience measurement, although retrospective content triggering as noted above could be used with advertising that is paired with interactive content.

Overall, by accessing and combining audience measures from DeepSight with contextual information acquired through Intuiface's built-in analytics capability, programmatic advertising, content triggering, and data visualization for deployment insight are all possible. It's likely the most unique combination of capabilities around analytics for the digital signage industry.

Sightcorp DeepSight runs on Windows and Ubuntu Linux devices and can work with any 2D camera. Intuiface on any Player-supported platform can consume DeepSight-generated data. A typical deployment scenario would be to install DeepSight and Intuiface Player on the same Windows PC.

See our dedicated article in the Help Center for information about how to pair and use DeepSight with your own Intuiface experiences.

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Geoff Bessin

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