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Size Matters

Size Matters

A question we often hear is some version of the following: “I am initially targeting an x inch touch display but expect to have displays of y and z inch diagonals as well. IntuiFace will let me work with those dimensions as well?”

The answer is an “Absolutely, yes. But….” Yes, IntuiFace can work with any size display. In fact, the physical size is irrelevant. IntuiFace cares about pixel dimensions - as this determines the amount of screen real estate available for your design - and lets the PC’s graphics card worry about pushing it out to a 24" kiosk or a 55" wall-mounted display.

The “but” comes from the fact that a nicely spaced and architected experience on a 55" display is squeezed onto that 24" display. All of a sudden, your layout isn’t particularly roomy. Fat finger users with no problems on the large screen could have lots of trouble on the small one. (Of course, this works the other way around as well. Something gorgeous on the 24" display could look empty and lost on a larger one.)

So could you have the same design on any sized display? Yes. Is this a good idea? Very possibly not. Just because IntuiFace doesn’t care about the physical dimensions of a targeted display doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.

Think about the screen size of your target display, especially if it is different from the one you’re using when building an experience. Usability trumps content every time.

Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Chief Evangelist at Intuiface, which means I think about the intersection of digital interactivity with signage and presentations. Pearls of wisdom? Well...

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