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Why Interactive content converts more than other media?

Interactive content converts more than other media
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According to a study from Microsoft Corporation ¹, attention spans begin to wander after eight seconds. Indeed, handheld technology and the multiplicity of media channels give us the ability to switch from one topic to another in a fraction of second. Fewer and fewer people are receptive to or pay attention to ads. For companies, advertising expenditures continue to rise while ROI goes down. New approaches to capturing attention have been investigated and Interactive Digital Signage has proven to be very effective. Here’s why...

1. Interactive touch screens capture 400% more views than traditional signage²

Human brains are attuned to motion and we are automatically drawn to moving objects. By being dynamic, interactive content will not only attract the attention of your customers but will hold it.

Traditional media is either limited to a static image that looks exactly the same each time someone views it or - conversely - it will interrupt their train of thought just as television advertisements fracture a TV show and Internet pop-ups obscure a website.

Interactive Digital Signage offers the best of both worlds. It can be bright and appealing enough to draw attention when someone comes around, without being disruptive and clever enough to deliver the right message, at the right time, to the right person.

A video-based audience analytics engine can identify factors such as gender, age and spatial orientation of an audience. With that information it is now possible to create adaptable interactive experiences whose content reacts to audience metrics - e.g. determining which clothing line to highlight based on the gender of the closest person to the display. In addition, the combination of demographic info with usage analytics - such as which products were selected - enables much deeper insight into user preferences. Guesswork is eliminated and attention span increased!

2. Sensory Marketing: Your customers now expect touch

Touch is the first sense infants develop in the womb and is recognized as the most precisely attuned of all senses. For that reason, touch displays are extremely intuitive and appealing, increasing viewer involvement and encouraging them to be participants, not mere observers.

Convert prospects into customers with touchscreens

Today, people are so accustomed to their personal touch devices - their phones and tablets - that they expect all digital screens to be interactive. You can imagine the disappointment and frustration when they’re not. Interactive technology brings about higher customer satisfaction, resulting in a better customer experience.

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10 design principles when creating multi-touch experiences

3.When using the right software, interactive content can go beyond touch

From speech recognition and beacon technology to the Internet of Things, with the right software you would be amazed at what you can create. The following modalities can be used on their own or combined with touch:

Beacons and Sensors:

Beacons can help businesses create an intelligent ecosystem that is a combination of the digital and the physical - Phygital. Beacons, particularly popular in retail, cannot only help visitors find their way but also provide information about a selected product. Sensors can react to their environment, such as triggering videos to play when motion is detected. Beacons and sensors takes personalized marketing to the next level.

IOT ( Internet of Things):

The Internet of Things is the universe of devices that can transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. By 2020 it is predicted that each one of us will have up to 50 connected devices³ in our possession. IOT will provide endless opportunities for businesses and marketers to listen and react to the needs of their customers. These devices bridge the gap between physical and digital world to improve the quality and productivity of life.

Speech Recognition:

Speech recognition, already popular with smartphones, is also used in the digital signage world. Just imagine being able to recognize where your customers are coming from by their accents or even identifying irritability or excitement just by the tone of voice ? Not to mention the ability to address accessibility needs for those incapable of interacting directly with the screen.

4. What’s the must have tool to create interactive content?

There are many tools out there that enable you to create touchscreen experiences. However, they’re usually either limited to template constraints or require a high level of expertise in coding. Further, these tools generally offer no interaction modalities beyond touch.

With IntuiFace, cross-platform software that doesn’t require development skills, every user is able to design experiences supporting multi-touch and other interaction modalities.

Anyone, at any skill level and in any business, can create, connect, deploy and measure interactive experiences.

Want to learn more about IntuiFace?  You can try it yourself - for free! Click the button below to start your free evaluation and use our educational resources along the way.

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