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Announcing Intuiface version 6.3

Intuiface 6.3 the rebranded release
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

The middle of Summer 2018 brings with it Intuiface Version 6.3, a release notable for its coordination with a corporate rebranding initiative. We spell out details of that rebranding here. The gist: Our company name has changed from IntuiLab to Intuiface, matching the name of our software. That's Intuiface with a lowercase 'f'.

are few and far between but new feature releases happen at least four times
each year. They're an opportunity for us to both fill holes and to flex
muscles. Intuiface Version 6.3 is no different. 

There are
two stand-out developments with this release:

Introduction of Player support for LG webOS

Some of you Intuiface lifers might
recall that we'd supported LG webOS a few years ago. That support was removed
for a variety of reasons but LG has given us a great reason to come back.
Starting with LG webOS Version 3.0, the OS has become much more robust and
touch friendly. In addition, some of the LG smart displays are now equipped
with PCAP-based touch capability, the best touch technology on the market. The
result is a scalable, high ROI all-in-one device suitable for a variety of
markets and use cases. This news was big enough that we published a press

of a

One of our (many) internal initiatives is to open up
our infrastructure to third party applications via a public Web API. We first
did this with a Web Triggers API, and now we're doing it with a Share and
Deploy API. Use this new API, information about all licensed Players and
published experiences can be accessed and used/displayed as required. In the
coming months, this API will be enhanced to include the ability to
programmatically trigger remote deployment. Who would use this? One example are
design agencies and system integrators who prefer to create their own tools for
managing customer deployments.

updates in Version 6.3 should appeal to the greedy software user in all of you.

- We are
now publishing a
. If Intuiface services ever appear to be down,
non-responsive, or poorly responsive, check out this
. It will
confirm or deny your suspicions. If there truly is a problem, check our Twitter

- We've
updated the color selector UI and added an on-screen color picker so you can
grab a color from any digital asset. The UI update anticipates a future
enhancement in which we give you gradient color options in addition to the
existing solid color option.

- It is now
possible to
. Use of this key gives Player permission to retrieve any
available, paid license key and activate that license automatically. This
feature is particularly useful for companies relying on a third party to
install and configure Player. It's much easier to handle a single key than to
maintain a license of individual license keys or log into every Player.

As always,
there are additional improvements. For example, the Shared and Deploy Console
has received a significant speed boost, much better at rendering multiple
published experiences or active Players. Head on over to the
additional updates, fixes, and details.

If you've
reached this sentence, thank you so much for the interest in what we've done
and have to say. Have a great summer!

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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