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Intuiface at ISE 2019

Intuiface at ISE 2019
This is a Guest Blog Post by
The Intuiface Team

Intuiface will be hosting a booth at Integrated Systems Europe 2019 in Amsterdam for the second year in a row. Read all about what you can expect to see from us at the show.

Why Intuiface at ISE?

Intuiface entered the digital signage scene after classic CMS offerings had fully commoditized what could be expected from a signage vendor. Template-based frameworks, home-grown content management solutions, deployment scheduling. These were table stakes and over 600 companies offered them.

We took it on ourselves to identify where the world of digital signage was going, not where it was coming from. These innovations could be summarized as follows:

  • Interactivity
    Multitouch, absolutely. But we mean any kind of human-machine or machine-machine interaction, from RFID/NFC/beacons to voice to the Internet of Things to Web services. In all cases, Intuiface makes these interactive approaches accessible to those of us who are non-technical - meaning most everyone.
  • Connectivity
    To make signage content relevant, engaging, and effective, it needs to be personalized and up-to-date. This requires integrations with data sources,business logic, and devices. As with interactivity, Intuiface has vastly simplified the effort required to establish real-time connections with any cloud hosted services and smart devices. Thus Intuiface doesn't force its own CMS. Use anything you wish!
  • Analytics
    A major challenge of classic digital signage is it's inability to provide insights about the target audience or deployment success as there is very little to measure. Without data there can be no insight, and without insight there is no way to know what you've learned and what you can do better. Intuiface has built-in data collection and data visualization capabilities simple enough for novices yet powerful enough for analytics professionals.
Intuiface is what the next generation of digital signage looks like. It makes smart digital signage simple.


Why ISE?

Integrated Systems Europe is the largest A/V show on the planet. It features 80k attendees and 1300 exhibitors from all over the world.

The Exhibit Hall contains the best in the business. ISE is the one must attend show of the year and thus the best place for consumers to see the latest in A/V innovation.

Intuiface is featured in the Digital Signage Pavilion, located in Booth 8-E445.

What you can expect to see from Intuiface

The Intuiface booth will be a hands-on demo heaven.

Here is what you can expect. In all cases, no coding was required!

  • Signage Wall: Illustrating the use of websites and cloud-hosted services like Google Home to trigger actions in Intuiface experiences. Here we show examples of interaction without a touch screen.
  • Interactive Mirror: For changing rooms, enabling shoppers to browse additional products via touch while trying on garments. The mirror is doubling as an interactive display.
  • Shoe Customizer: An example of lift-and-learn - or, in this case, place-and-learn -through the use of RFID tags.
  • Trade Show Analytics: We monitor foot traffic and experience use in our own booth,displaying the data in real-time via a live dashboard - all possible through the use of built-in Intuiface capability.
  • Content Creation Demos: For everything in the booth and more, we list the curtain and show you exactly how everything was created. There are no tricks .and no cheating. You can build everything we've displayed yourself!
  • Plus lots of free-standing and handheld displays running a wide variety of interactive content, from sales pitches to museum exhibitions.
Let's meet!

The Intuiface booth will be fully staffed and ready for all comers. You can just drop by or schedule time by contacting us in advance.

As a bonus, concurrent with our presence at ISE is our first annual Intuiface User Conference. It takes place on 6-February from 8:30am to 12:30pm at the Hotel Novotel Amsterdam City, a 10 minute walk from ISE. Participation is free and all are welcome, even for those not quite familiar with Intuiface.

We hope to see you in Amsterdam!

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