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Our Advice for Design Agencies and Systems Integrators

doing business with intuiface ebook
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

With 7+ years of customer interaction, we've built a treasure chest of insight for agencies and integrators moving into the world of interactive content delivery. Intuiface is a great start, but what about the rest of the business?

Over the years we've learned a lot from our customers. Most are quite happy, a few - well - we're not done trying. This interaction, both good and bad, feeds our insatiable hunger for insight about what we build and the various worlds our users inhabit.

One particularly fertile area of feedback was the domain inhabited by design agencies and systems integrators. These organizations take a formal approach to their work, so Intuiface needed to slot into preexisting frameworks. At the same time, for many of these organizations, interactive content delivery was a brand new offering. Parallel to their adoption of Intuiface was the discovery of a set of unique requirements, constraints, and processes vs. static content delivery that they needed to understand and solve. Working with them, we learned a lot.

Which is why we thought it was time to turn the tables and share some of our insights. The result is our ebook "The Complete Guide To Doing Business With Intuiface".

It's for agencies and integrators who need an introduction to (or refresher of) all aspects of running an interactive content delivery business. Consider it our lessons learned, packaged in bite-sized chapters that don't need to be visited sequentially (though it wouldn't hurt).

Here's a sampling of questions we answer in the ebook.

  • What's the market opportunity, really, for interactive content delivery? (see Chapter 2)
  • Why does the adoption Intuiface lead to better project margins than custom development? (see Chapter 3)
  • What have we found to be our customers' best approach to engaging with their own clients? (see Chapter 4)
  • How have successful agencies and integrators structured a quote, priced their services, or invested in competencies they can sell as services? (see Chapter 5)
  • What is the best process for tackling interactive content creation? (see Chapter 6)
  • Why should teams understand the world of KPIs and how to leverage Intuiface analytics? (see Chapter 7)
  • How is the Intuiface platform structured and how do you know which options are right for your clients? (see Chapter 8)
  • What steps do we recommend should be taken to generate a pipeline of opportunities? (see Chapter 9)

We hope you find it instructive, insightful, and indestructible. (Couldn't think of a third good adjective beginning with "in".)

One last thing: We've tasked ourselves with finding ways to take these insights and somehow embed them in our software. The latest example of this commitment is our investment in a charts and dashboards feature to complement Intuiface data tracking. Check out this charts and dashboards teaser video.


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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

I'm Intuiface's Chief Marketing Officer, which means it's my job to get you interested in Intuiface. Once you try it, I know you'll love it.

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