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Intuiface announces partnership with Sightcorp for real-time face analysis

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Geoff Bessin

Intuiface is very excited to announce its partnership - and associated deep product integration - with Sightcorp, a specialist in the use of deep learning to perform real-time face analysis.

Real-time face analysis - the automated identification of characteristics about people detected by a camera - can be an absolute boon for digital signage. Two particular scenarios stand out:

  1. Using information about who is in front of a screen to determine which content to display. Collected information could include things like age, gender, and the presence of a mask.
    For example, selecting an ad based on whether the audience is predominantly male or female.
  2. Measuring engagement to determine which content was the most effective. Collected information could include things like views, impressions, and dwell time.
    For example determining that of four ads in a playlist, Ad #3 garnered the most number of views.

We've used advertisements in both examples because they're easily understood and - grab a seat - they're monetizable! However, any type of content could apply - exhibits in a museum, booths at a trade show, etc. In all cases, the point is you know exactly who is being influenced by your content.

The problem isn't understanding the value, it's making it real. There are many point solutions for computer vision, point solutions for digital signage, and point solutions for analytics. But stringing them all together takes time, money, and patience.

See where we're going?

Intuiface is very excited to announce its partnership - and associated deep product integration - with Sightcorp. (See our press release about this announcement.) Sightcorp is an Amsterdam-based technology company specialized in the use of deep learning to perform real-time face analysis. Their DeepSight Toolkit runs on any Windows PC or Linux device and consumes a video feed from any 2D USB camera. (A $80 Logitech webcam would be just fine.)

Sightcorp DeepSight Toolkit performs all video analysis locally, so no network connection is required. The information it collects is vast - both aggregated audience data and individual metrics - and done so with complete anonymity. No identifying information is used or retained.

Intuiface can access Sightcorp's extensive data set in real-time through the use of a freely accessible DeepSight Toolkit Interface Asset. All of that information can be used to conditionally trigger the display of custom content as well as be collated and visualized in Intuiface Analytics to track levels of content engagement and effectiveness.

And everything - as usual - can be achieved without writing one line of code. There is no solution like it in the marketplace.

In recognition of the partnership, we have also decided to launch a first-of-its-kind joint offering- the Audience Analytics Bundle. It's a single price solution for running Intuiface experiences built to work with DeepSight Toolkit. You can use any experience of your own, as well as any of the preconfigured experiences shipped with the Bundle, starting with Face Mask Detection.

There is a lot to this partnership and product integration so we've decided to run a live webinar on December 15 at 10am New York / 4pm Amsterdam. In it we'll present a variety of demos to show you how it all comes together. Click here to register for this free webinar.

The Intuiface + Sightcorp partnership delivers significant value to a marketplace that struggles to make computer vision accessible. We hope you have an opportunity to try it yourself!

To get your hands on a trial version of DeepSight Toolkit, contact

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Geoff Bessin
Geoff Bessin

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