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The 5 most popular Intuiface Blog articles of 2019

This is a Guest Blog Post by
Bomee Lafitte

We are only a couple of months into the new year and 2020 has already been as vigorous and exciting as we could ever hope for. We’ve formed numerous partnerships including arrangements with Intel and Diversified, released updates to  Intuiface Composer and Player - including support for Nexmosphere - and just closed the book on our participation in ISE 2020.And then there is our proudest achievement up ‘til now, Interactive 2020, our second annual Intuiface User Conference. It was a smashing success and a perfect template for next year in Barcelona.

Yes, you can argue we tend to keep ourselves busy. As a matter of fact, we intend to do the same with our blog. And as much as we love to engage with our users through thought-provoking and compelling stories, we believe that taking the opportunity to look back at last year’s entries is essential to keeping ourselves inspired to maintain the quality of reader engagement.

In this article, we highlight last year’s top 5 most-read articles, showcasing a variety of topics, including use cases and industry insights.


#1 Intuiface at ISE

Intuiface hosted a booth at Integrated Systems 2019 in Amsterdam for the second year in a row. This article provides a glimpse into what we had to offer during the show,including hands-on demos on some of the most significant digital signage technologies in the market. 

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#2 The 5 best interactive digital signage examples made with Intuiface for retail


Interactive digital signage can be the lynchpin for success inretail - if done well. (Sorry,it can’t be that easy). This article introduces a list of requirements for achieving a truly engaging and compelling interactive digital experience for brick-and-mortar retail, along with our five favorite interactive digital experience examples made with Intuiface.

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#3 The 5 best Interactive wall examples

Whether itis at an exhibition booth, a museum, a corporate lobby, or a retail store, weare used to seeing digital installations trying to grab our attention from the first step in. But not all of those encounters wow us, and some of them just seem to be taking up space if not totally unnoticeable. That’s where floor-to-ceiling interactive displays known as Interactive walls are gradually finding their footing. We dare you to take a peek into what digital signage solution providers in diverse industries can achieve using Intuiface! 

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#4 The 5 best interactive digital signage (digital menu board) examples made with Intuiface


Congratulations! Our “Five Best”series was a big hit last year. The 4th most popular article of 2019 was yet again the rarest and the most inspiring list you’ll ever find: the top five real-life examples of truly engaging and effective interactive experiences. This time:interactive digital menu boards made with Intuiface. Curious to see our favorite examples? Read on! And while you’re at it, absorball the interesting stats and our tips on the ideal characteristics for digital menu boards.

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#5 What is interactive digital signage (infographic)

If traditional digital signage puts information or promotional content on view,regardless of whether or not viewers are paying attention, how is interactive digital signage different? And what do we call“interactive engagement” and when were all the associated technologies introduced? This infographic explores the meaning of interactive digital signage, focusing on the history of forces driving a shift from traditional, broadcast signage to interactive approaches

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Bomee Lafitte
Bomee Lafitte

As Content and Communication Manager at Intuiface, I engage with fans and users the most creative way I can to help vitalize the community communications.

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