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5 best interactive digital signage examples for retail made with Intuiface

Interactive Digital Signage Examples For Retail
This is a Guest Blog Post by
Bomee Lafitte

Interactive digital signage can become the lynchpin of success for retail business - if done well. This article introduces a roundup of our favorite interactive digital signage examples of top 5 truly engaging and effective interactive digital experiences made with Intuiface.

With the rise of e-commerce and connected lifestyles in today’s world, retailers are increasingly putting effort into finding inventive ways to engage with consumers during their visit to brick-and-mortar stores. As more customers are looking for in-store experiences that rival what online services offer - such as convenient inventory exploration, ability to choose from multiple delivery options and more - progressive retailers are blending the nature of physical shopping with the advantage of digital experiences, providing a consistent and interactive experience encompassing multiple touch points. One of the ways retailers are making this blend possible is through the incorporation of interactive digital signage into the customer experience.

As evinced by the term itself, interactive digital signage adds interactivity to traditional digital signage, traditionally understood to mean screens displaying time-orchestrated content (videos, images, Flash, text, HTML). Interactive digital signage, on the other hand, turns viewers to users. Each user can express personal preferences and selections and pull personalized content in a similar way to the online shopping experience but through means of interactions beyond mouse clicks and keyboard navigations.


Do Interactive Retail Displays Work? 

According to a recent survey made by WBR Insights involving 100 retail leaders in charge of in-store environments, 87% of respondents believe that interactivity is the most likely successful feature of an in-store digital signage strategy. Another survey revealed 66% of shoppers prefer self-service and self-checkout than human interactions, and 75% prefer to have hand-held or fixed devices to check inventory availability and prices to improve speed and convenience while shopping.


So, to answer the earlier question: Yes, interactive retail displays can become the lynchpin of success for retail business - if done well. Sorry, it can’t be that easy.


Offering a truly engaging and effective interactive digital experience in a physical space depends upon one or more of the following:


  • real-time connection to external data
  • variety of interactive options
  • attractive and functional form factors
  • flawless integration with external devices
  • eye-catching design
  • ease of use - both for customers and suppliers
  • deep analytics of user interactions
  • smooth deployment


Below is a roundup of ourfavorite examples of interactivestore displays and signage - wait for it - done well.

1. Redefinition of in-store assisted selling - TUI

Since 2015, TUI Group - the largest travel and tourism company in the world - has been dedicating itself to becoming a digital company and as a part of its extensive rebranding and remodeling initiative, TUI revitalized their dated assisted selling model at offline stores with immersive digital content designed, created and deployed by First Impression, an Intuiface partner and full AV solution integrator in the Netherlands. Fully powered by Intuiface software, the new TUI store concept is all about engaging experiences focusing on customer empowerment. Clients are immediately drawn in by the shop ambiance, welcomed by stunning atmospheric images presented on specially shaped video walls. They are then encouraged to approach multitouch tables where they can freely discover shopping options by browsing through interactive content packed with videos and images. The user-friendly and comfortably sized multitouch tables also enable travel advisors to take clients on a guided digital tour that combines enticing imagery with modern interactive techniques and is all about engaging experiences that set an adventurous tone. First Impression rolled out the touch table concept to over 400 TUI branches across Belgium and France, recording one of the world’s most significant duplicated deployments of a single experience. From these installations, approximately 10,000 interaction data points per day are captured and graphed through use of Intuiface Analytics, delivering actionable insight about the performance of the new solution and the tendencies and preferences of TUI clients.

2. “DIY” In-Store Interactive Kiosks - Telenor

DYI In-Store Interactive Kiosk

Telenor’s example is one of our top picks for a DIY success story with in-store interactive kiosks.

Telenor stores are the brand’s most influential touch point with its customers, capturing not just company values but establishing their reputation as a modern, cutting edge company offering customers the latest in mobile technology.

Built on Intuiface by the brand’s in-house design team with far less cost, in much less time, with far greater control, the home-made digital signage solution is now spread across over 33 stores in Hungary. Each Telenor store provides its visitors with a unique in-store experience on four separate displays and tablets that allow them to freely dwell and learn thoroughly about products, as well as connect with the brand through social media. During the application creation process, Intuiface's remote deployment capability enabled the team to quickly test ideas in-store with interactive kiosks, evaluate their effect, then enhance or reject as needed. Telenor is currently gathering shopper engagement metrics using Intuiface’s data tracking capability.

3. Point of Experience via a Digital Touch Table - Waketo

An all-in-one multitouch table that turns each product into an interactive roundel that empowers shoppers to customize and purchase products - sounds too good to be true?

Waketo, a Germany-based international consulting firm for data-driven strategic marketing and creation, proves that there’s no such thing!

Built on Intuiface, the Digital Touch Table is informative, easy, efficient and fun to use. The table recognizes objects directly, and customers can playfully immerse themselves in customization of selected items, and discover an entire matching product line presented with fascinating visuals. Customers can also put together the selections and proceed to purchase directly on the Digital Touch Table in a similar way they do on e-commerce. The application perfectly blends the autonomy and efficiency of online shopping with the unrivaled advantage of offline shopping: physical experience. And most importantly, it looks elegant!


4. Digital Configurator - Prendi

Prendi, a savvy Australia-based design agency - created this interactive retail experience template called 'Adventure Station' that is intended for store managers to showcase the most popular products, provide information, and simplify the overall sales & purchase process.

This fully customizable touch screen solution connects an interactive kiosk and a tablet display shared between a salesperson and a customer, enabling efficient service and physical engagements. Customers can take time to easily navigate through store inventory on a single screen, pass orders at their fingertips which are then sent to a salesperson’s handheld device, then receive the products brought to them. Powered by the extensive content support of Intuiface, Adventure Station can display a diverse range of content including videos, infographics, catalogs, animations and 3D models. Optionally, the end users of this application can take advantage of additional interactive features ranging from product wayfinding, NFC, QR code and social media integration, and much more. The application also enables quick and convenient content modification through Intuiface’s real-time Excel sheet data integration.


5. Interactive Social Wall - Hunkemöller

Ever dream of being a Victoria’s Secret runway star? Hunkemöller store’s “Interactive Social Wall” experience might be the closest you can get!

Kega, a digital marketing agency based in the Netherlands, created an Interactive Social Wall that would display social media content - specifically, Instagram photos - to visitors. This 85" Interactive multi-touch wall equipped with selfie camera visually bathes consumers in the latest lingerie trends by leveraging a passionate group of influencers on social media and inviting store visitors to have their moment of fame as they take a selfie and display it on the big screen. The interactive signage then turns the physical space from an ordinary grab-and-go store into a rich experience to remember, and a place to engage with the brand.

It only took 6 weeks for Kega’s small team of 5 members, half the time of a typically sized project. Initially piloted with the flagship Hunkemöller store in Amsterdam and HKMX in Berlin, the application is now rolled out to 8 other stores around Europe.

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